San Clemente’s Leapdroid: Innovating the Software and Apps Space

San Clemente’s Leapdroid: Innovating the Software and Apps Space

This article focuses on the vibrant IT industry based in San Clemente, California, which hosts an array of companies specializing in distinct arenas such as Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Hardware, Telecommunications, SaaS, and many more. This coastal city is not just known for its beautiful beaches and Spanish Colonial-style architecture, but also as a technologically advanced hub, rich in software and app development companies. Let’s explore some of the companies that have been thriving in the Information Technology industry in San Clemente.


Founded by Casey Kindiger and Josh Kindiger, Grok specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Software. Grok aims to simplify AI and Machine Learning for IT, Network, and Infrastructure teams, allowing them to realize their benefits swiftly. Grok promises operational efficiency with better correlations, observations, and insights in days instead of months. Grok’s LinkedIn.


CISSDM is a leading figure in the hardware and security industry. Founded by Matt Miller and Nate McNair, this company provides essential services in Information Technology, Security, and Telecommunications. Visit CISSDM’s LinkedIn for more information.

REGENESIS Remediation Solutions

Operating in the Consulting and Information Technology sectors, REGENESIS Remediation Solutions has paved its way in the technology industry of San Clemente. They are also active on social media; check out their Facebook and LinkedIn.


As a brainchild of Thomas Weiss, EXEMPTAX has revolutionized the Information Technology industry with their unique approach. They provide the first subscription-based resale and sales tax exemption management SaaS platform in the U.S. Moreover, they have a significant online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

CFT Consulting

As a strong contender in the IT industry, CFT Consulting provides services in the domain of IT, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency. They keep their audience updated on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded in 2002, LifeModeler operates as a biomechanical software company, offering unique and innovative solutions across a variety of industries. Their offerings range from orthopedics/medical, sports/equipment, research/education, aerospace/automotive sectors, providing cutting-edge tech solutions for their clients.

Torus Tech

Under the leadership of Nassim Haramein, Torus Tech plays a pivotal role in the IT, Product Research, and Professional Services areas. They have a significant social media presence, with active accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

CMM Technology

CMM Technology is a notable name in the Information Technology and Sales domain. The company’s role is well recognized in the thriving San Clemente tech industry.


Mahisoft operates in the Apps, Information Technology, and Software sectors. Their dedication and efforts in the industry have made Mahisoft a significant player in the tech domain of San Clemente. They maintain a robust online presence through their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.


While securing a solid position in the Cyber Security and IT field, CISOSHARE is driven to improve its services as a leading provider of cybersecurity services for rapidly growing organizations. The company provides best practice program assessments, technical vulnerability, and penetration testing services, among others. Follow CISOSHARE on Facebook and LinkedIn.


IntelligentTag operates across multiple sectors including Consulting, Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development, and is a remarkable player in San Clemente’s tech industry.

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