Florida Based Leapdroid Pioneering Innovation in Electronics Software Industry

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a number of innovative companies are making waves in the Electronics industry. Ranging from artificial intelligence and consumer electronics to software, fitness, healthcare, and much more, these forward-thinking businesses are placing Fort Lauderdale on the map as a burgeoning hub for technological advancement. Below, we shine the spotlight on several of these companies, offering an overview of their operations, founders, and links to their web presence.


Altis is pioneering advances in Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Electronics, Fitness, Health Care, and Software. Founded by Constantine Goltsev, Igor Magazinnik, Jeff Halevy, and Talmon Marco, Altis is a revolutionary AI personal trainer providing a tailored fitness program with interactive real-time coaching and program modifications based on user performance. Be sure to follow Altis’s progress on their social media channels on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .

Singing Machine Company

Co-founded by Eddie Steele, Singing Machine Company leads in Consumer Electronics and Machinery Manufacturing, providing home entertainment karaoke systems. They offer a wide range of products tailored to consumers’ singing machine needs. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn .

Champion Controls

Champion Controls is a renowned supplier of control systems in the Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, and Manufacturing sectors. The company offers integration and engineering design services and manufactures custom control panels for various process control industries. Follow their advancements on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .

BrandsMart USA

BrandsMart USA, founded by Robert Perlman, is a consumer electronics retailer operating in the southeast United States. It offers numerous name brands across various items, including appliances, electronics, furniture, and home goods. Check them out on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .


Leading in Computer, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, and Software, Doxee combines leading cloud technology with communication expertise. They deliver solutions that improve operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. Follow them on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .

5 Star Mobile

5 Star Mobile operates in the Consulting, Consumer Electronics, Marketing, and Mobile Devices industries, providing Verizon Wireless products and services. They are committed to exceptional customer service and can be found on Facebook .

Manufacturing Technology Insights

Manufacturing Technology Insights is a leading player in the Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, and Manufacturing sectors.

Co-founded by Paul Holstein and Valerie Holstein, is a premier online supplier of electrical products, network equipments, safety/industrial supplies, wires and cable management solutions. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook .

VSN Mobil

Working in the realm of Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Mobile, VSN Mobil is on the cutting edge of its industry. It can be found on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .


Specializing in electronics, professional services, and retail, TECHY is a one-stop shop for electronic device repairs and upgrades. Keep up with them on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .

Direct Insite

Operating in the electronics, information technology, and software sectors, Direct Insite delivers on-demand AP and AR solutions. They have worked with clients across 100 countries and are on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn .

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