Leapdroid: Innovating Web Design Solutions from Budapest’s Tech Industry

Leapdroid: Innovating Web Design Solutions from Budapest’s Tech Industry


The web design industry in Hungary is known for its uniqueness and sophisticated designs. Budapest, the capital city, is a stand-out area brimming with talented companies in this industry. This article explores some of the leading web design companies in Budapest, delving into their history, founders, and some of the achievements they’ve garnered over the years.

Budapest is not only the economic, historic, and cultural capital of Hungary, but it’s also recognized as the center of innovative digital design and technology. Here, you’ll find a multitude of companies specialized in services including web and graphics design, software development, user experience design, app creation, digital media, online marketing, and search engine optimization. These companies leverage modern technologies to provide best-in-class services to their clients from all around the world.

Let’s delve into the profiles of some of these companies, looking closer at their areas of operation, the services they offer, the founders, and their contributions to Budapest’s growing reputation as a hub for digital innovation in Hungary and beyond.


Plukkido is a renowned company established in 2013, known for their innovative outdoor parenting tools, mobile apps, and unique graphic designs. The team of Balazs Nagy, Judit Táncsics, Márk Tolmács, and Orsolya Pintér have received accolades such as the Certificate of Recognition from the Hungarian National Committee of the European Organization for Quality in 2014 and 2018.

Arteries Studio

Gabor Nemeth’s Arteries Studio came into existence with a unique mix of skills in web, mobile (iOS, Android) software development, and agile management of IT development projects. The company’s impressive client list includes big names like Unilever, KPMG, NATO, T-Mobile, Virgin Media, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, and Bosch.


Miklos Kekkoi’s company, Espressite, is an AI-powered, personality-based website generator company that can create a website in the time it takes for a coffee break. Espressite revolutionizes the process of web creation by making design fit with the content of your website.

Ux Studio

Ux Studio, founded by Shepherd David, provides in-depth solutions for information technology, software, and web design and development. The company is a known industry player in Budapest, Hungary, continually bringing innovative solutions to the digital landscape.

Zen Heads

ZenHeads distinguishes itself by offering full-stack products. This IT company combines creativity and skill to bring about digital services and applications that solve real problems and add value to their clients.


Heurio, founded by Zoltan Bartha, focuses on developer tools, software, UX design, web design, and web development. You can find more about them on their Product Hunt page.


Oander provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions, integrating sales and customer relationship channels into a commercial and transactional ecosystem. This company develops online media products and interfaces for web applications.


SUPER11 is a revolutionary company that was founded by Agoston Starmann and Gergely Nagy. They focus on advertising, web design, and development, and have made noteworthy contributions in those sectors.

Dream Interactive

Dream Interactive is a digital powerhouse founded by Andras Pfaff. It’s one of Hungary’s top full-service digital agencies, specializing in digital media and e-commerce platform designs, web development, and web hosting.


Appsters is a design-savvy company specializing in graphic design, software, UX design, and web design. The team is well-known for its exceptional talent and in-depth knowledge in these fields.

Mindtech Apps

The Mindtech Apps team has an extensive portfolio that includes web design, web development, and mobile app development. Their expertise has won them awards such as Pioneers 500, Startup of the Month, and Falling Walls, therefore making them a coveted partner for businesses seeking digital solutions.


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