Exploring Leapdroid: Innovating App Development in Mission Viejo, California

Exploring Leapdroid: Innovating App Development in Mission Viejo, California

The technology industry continues to grow and thrive, with new software companies emerging all the time. This installment of our series takes a look at the vibrant software sector in Mission Viejo, California. From marketing to manufacturing, these companies are making significant contributions to both the local and global tech scenes.

Mission Viejo is home to a diversity of tech companies, each with their unique goals and solutions. From mobile app development to security and fraud detection solutions, these companies are driving innovation. Let’s delve deeper into some of the key players in this location.

Below we profile each company, providing a brief history, description of their offerings, and links to their website and social media platforms. If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology solutions or new investment opportunities, be sure to check these companies out.


Aimtell, an innovative company specializes in re-engaging website visitors through targeted mobile and desktop web push notifications. Co-founded by DJ Swanepoel, this company plays a significant role in the marketing, mobile devices, and software industries. Follow Aimtell on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @aimtell to keep up-to-date with their latest developments.

Xitore, Inc.

Founded by Mike Amidi, Xitore is an ambitious company focused on revolutionizing the flash storage industry. With in-depth SSD controller and enterprise product development experience, the company stands at the frontier of the storage industry. Connect on LinkedIn to keep track of Xitore’s progress.


Part of McAfee, Foundstone offers enterprise-level vulnerability management, helping network operators to mitigate data security breaches. Foundstone also offers technical and risk management consulting services. Explore Foundstone on Facebook, LinkedIn and on the Twitter handle @foundstone.

Viralocity Software (Heyoo)

Co-founded by Linda Frank, Viralocity Software, LL has created an intuitive online social calendar and scheduling platform. Its solutions can be accessed via iOS and Android devices. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Founded by Saeed Paydarfar, Saratech aims at providing engineering solutions to help companies realize better products. Stay updated with Saratech on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @saratech.

Cortex MCP

Cortex MCP is at the forefront of the e-commerce industry, developing an IP-protected mobile payment and wallet platform. Learn more about Cortex MCP on LinkedIn and Twitter at @cortexmcp.

ConsultingWhiz LLC

ConsultingWhiz, under the leadership of Mikel Anwar, is a leading software solution provider company in the USA. Its areas of expertise include web development, custom software development, mobile app development, and many more. For more updates, follow ConsultingWhiz on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at @ConsultingWhiz.

Beacon Quality

Ease, Inc., under the Beacon Quality brand, is a leading provider of process performance solutions that help manufacturers meet the demands of a connected world. Follow Beacon Quality on Facebook and Twitter at @easeinc.

Infoshare Systems

Infoshare Systems is a technology company that offers dynamic solutions in the IT industry. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Lee Lorenzen, Altura combines healthcare and technology, creating software and apps that enable better patient engagement in digital health. More about Altura can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Mxicoders Software Solutions

Mxicoders Pvt Ltd is a reliable software solutions provider with offerings ranging from web design to e-commerce solutions. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at @mxicoders.

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