Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Development Innovation in Nairobi, Kenya

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Development Innovation in Nairobi, Kenya

Leapdroid brings you an exceptional insight into Nairobi’s thriving mobile app industry. The city has become a hotspot for tech start-ups, attracting the attention of investors and revolutionizing industries from healthcare to transportation. The rapid growth of mobile apps in Nairobi is a testament to Kenya’s innovative spirit, showcasing the competencies of local talent and taking advantage of the extensive penetration of mobile phones in Africa. Here, we introduce you to some remarkable enterprises operating out of Nairobi in the realm of software and apps.

The companies included in this feature highlight the diversity of Nairobi’s tech landscape, ranging from e-commerce to public transport and ed-tech. Each of these companies showcases the potential of mobile apps to change lives, simplify tasks, and enable economic growth and digital empowerment.

The emphasis here is simple – providing a platform for these pioneering companies to get the recognition they deserve. Through this article, we highlight the incredible work they’re doing, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the impact they’ve had in their respective sectors. So, without further ado, let’s delve into Nairobi’s mobile app scene.


Catering to the health and wellness industry, Mydawa is a revolutionary service that allows you to buy a wide range of quality medication and wellness products conveniently from your mobile phone. Co-founded by Neil O’Leary, the platform stands at the cutting edge of the health-tech scene in Nairobi. Linkedin, @mydawaapp, Facebook

MARAMOJA transport

At the forefront of ride-sharing in Africa is MARAMOJA, a socially-powered on-demand transport solution. Designed around Africa’s core values of trust and relationships, the company is looking to redefine logistics in Africa by leveraging phone data and social media. Their quest for universal access to trusted, affordable, and culturally relevant transportation sets them apart.Linkedin, @mm_nrb, Facebook


MPost, meaning Mobile Post office, is an innovative application that enables your phone to work like a mobile post office. It was founded by Abdulaziz Omar and Twahir Mohamed. This fosters new ways for individuals to have a formal postal address and receive postal services via their mobile phones. @mpostke,Facebook

Hustle Sasa

Hustle Sasa, founded by Michael Denuh and Peng Chen, is designed to boost entrepreneurship. It’s a mobile-first platform that enables the starting and development of businesses, both online and offline. Integrating with third-party payment providers and helping manage orders across various channels, it’s a powerful tool for budding businessmen and women. Linkedin, @hustle_sasa/, Facebook


M-Shule, spearheaded by Claire Mongeau, has revolutionized e-learning with its personalized knowledge-building platform. By making learning and evaluation tools accessible over SMS, it’s helping millions across Sub-Saharan Africa. The platform recognizes the potential of mobile education, harnessing it for the growth and development of learners. Linkedin, @ourmshule, Facebook


Aristarichus Weru’s UbaPesa is proving to be a trailblazer in Kenya’s peer-to-peer lending scene. A lending app that allows real-time borrowing, it is popular among users desiring swift financial transactions. The company taps into the potential of fintech, becoming a trusted space for financial solutions in Kenya. Linkedin, @ubapesa, Facebook


CashBackApp is an innovative solution that helps fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies create customer loyalty by enabling them to earn cashback via M-Pesa on their routine purchases. Founded by Allan Thiga and Simon Githinji Ngigi, CashBackApp is transforming the FMCG sector in Nairobi. Linkedin, @cashbackapp_ke, Facebook


Little is an exceptional service that links the traditional spaces of delivery and information technology, making it a formidable player in Nairobi’s tech scene. Their commitment to innovation has seen them revolutionize the transport industry and attract a continuously growing user base. Linkedin, @littleappkenya, Facebook

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