Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Industry from Bayern’s Tech Heart, Munich

Located in the heart of Germany, Munich, Bayern is not just famous for its beer and sausages but also as a vibrant tech hub. This bustling city is rich in startups that are shaping the future of the mobile industry. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, Munich’s home-grown companies are trailblazing advancements in technology. Let’s take a deep dive into some of these companies and explore what they offer.

Whether it’s cybersecurity or the creation of mobile apps, these companies are making strides with their innovative solutions. Leveraging the strengths of the city’s advanced infrastructure and a supportive ecosystem of investors, these businesses are not just thriving locally, but they have also made their presence felt globally.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of these companies, providing insights into their inspirations, methods, and contributions to the mobile industry. These are the businesses that help propel Munich and Germany as a whole on the global tech scene.


Founded by Christian Schlaeger, Joaquin Miguel Fernandez Barreiro, Marc Obrador Sureda, and Pedro Hernandez, Build38 is a global provider of mobile application protection solutions. With its new generation of app-hardening technologies, this Munich-based company offers solutions protecting apps from known and unknown attacks across various industries such as automotive, financial, public transport, and healthcare. Visit their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to learn more about their mission and products.


Founded by Hermann Giesecke in 1852, Giesecke+Devrient is an industry leader in the fields of identity management, IT, mobile technology, and security. With a workforce of more than 11,800 employees, G+D generated sales of 2.38 billion euros in fiscal 2021. Explore more about G+D through their official Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.


Founded by Marcus Otto, NFON provides outsourced telephone systems offering a complete package that enables businesses of all sizes to cut costs significantly. Find out more about NFON, their services and goals on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Karim Barkawi, B2X provides customer care solutions for electronic devices to manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators, and retailers. Gain more insights into their operations and services through their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.


Under the leadership of Andreas Fruth, Igor Shapiro, and Maria Fernanda Antunes Junqueira, Cuponation has grown to become one of the leading portals in discount codes and online offers worldwide. Stay updated with their latest offerings through their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.


Founded by Daniel Weiss, Michael Sauer, Philipp Dörner and Sören Gunia, Motius is an R&D company using their talent pool of world-class freelancers, academic researchers, and young engineers to solve technical problems and develop products for international customers. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Founded by Franz Buchenberger, Stephan Gillmeier, Ph.D., and Tobias Steinbrecher, MessengerPeople is a Software as a Service provider facilitating safe and efficient use of popular global messaging apps. More insights about them can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Deutsche Telekom

Founded by Nick Pavlidis, Deutsche Telekom is a telecommunications company offering a range of services from software to mobile technologies. For more on the company, visit Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Manuel Karg, Markus Schneider, Roberto Omezzolli, and Sebastian Reckzeh, Zeuz is dedicated to delivering the best tech suite for multiplayer games and back-end technologies for game studios. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to learn more.


Founded by Matthias Schadhauser and Philipp Kramer, Wryte offers a student-oriented all-in-one solution, allowing them to manage all educational activities in one app. Get more insights about their operations and services on their Facebook or LinkedIn account.


Founded by Benjamin Bachhuber, Niklas Rickmann, and Tobias Rickmann, Freework aims to simplify Freelancer Management for companies, making hiring and managing freelancers an easy and prompt task. You can learn more about Freework on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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