Leapdroid: Spearheading Innovative Software Solutions from Nicosia, Cyprus

Leapdroid: Spearheading Innovative Software Solutions from Nicosia, Cyprus

Located amid the rich historical and beautiful landscapes of Nicosia, Cyprus, a number of promising companies are making waves in the Information Technology sector. With the blend of the city’s cultural heritage and today’s advanced technology, these companies have established prominent names within the industry, recognised not just within the country but on an international scale. Offering unique solutions, these businesses have become stellar examples of innovation and progressive transformation. This article features some notable companies headquartered in Nicosia in the fields of software development, artificial intelligence, financial services, and more.


Founded by Michael Dubakov, Fibery operates in the realm of Information Technology, Product Management, and Software. This no-code work management platform is designed to adapt and grow with the companies using it. The innovative solution aims to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and increase efficiency. Fibery was born in the year 2020, proving its resilience and potential during a challenging period globally. Follow them on their journey via their Twitter or LinkedIn page.


Established by Eduard Oneci and Vasile Burcin in 2017, ZoidPay operates at the intersection of Financial Services, Information Technology, and Payments industry. The company has made cryptocurrency transactions seamless and highly accessible by providing a liquidity platform for immediate card issuance. Stay updated with ZoidPay’s cutting-edge solutions through their Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

Limitless Holding

Limitless Holding is a global name in the Blockchain and Information Technology sector. Although the founders choose to keep a low profile, the company’s influence and impact in the industry are unmistakable. You can find more details on their contributions and future projects through Limitless Holding’s website or their LinkedIn page.


Keeano, founded by George Panagakis and Ilias Bogordos, aims to revolutionize travel and marine tourism. This subscription-based mobile app offers user-friendly features for planning and navigating through the beautiful coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Keeano’s active community of map editors ensures that users receive accurate and up-to-date information. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn for more updates.


Recorn, led by Alexander Mustafin and Ilya Lazarev, operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors. The call transcription platform uses AI to convert voice data into text, automatically entering crucial information into CRM systems. This slashing down on time spent on note-taking and data entry and boosting data accuracy significantly. Keep up with Recorn via their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

InData Labs

Founded by Marat Karpeko, InData Labs is a rapidly-growing data science and AI firm that offers AI-powered solutions to organizations worldwide. From AI and big data, predictive analytics and NLP to text analysis and cognitive computing, InData Labs provides a wide range of services that add value to businesses. Stay updated with company news on their Twitter or LinkedIn page.


Operating in the Financial Services, Information Technology, Internet, and Payments sectors, ProBiller offers services of paramount importance to the information age. You can follow the company’s updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Digital Disrupt

Founded by Andrey Belozerov and Artem Ermolaev, Digital Disrupt is a professional venture club investing in disruptive digital projects. They use their expertise and extensive network to help these projects achieve exponential growth and make a significant positive impact.


Under the leadership of founder Roman Garin, OSAI uses Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Computer Vision to revolutionize sport event data capture in real time. Their AI data tool offers various utilities to betting data providers, betting operators, and tournament organizers. Follow OSAI’s developments on Twitter and their LinkedIn page.


11Pets, founded by Demos Pavlou, allows users to manage the complete life of their pets with ease. It is an ultimate pet care app, keeping track of all pet-related information in one accessible place. Get to know more about 11Pets from their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Luc Vocks, DevelopmentAid is a social enterprise that specializes in the field of international development cooperation. The company provides detailed information services for the international developmental sector and connects various stakeholders in the field. Follow the company on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages for the latest updates.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many companies making a significant impact in the Information Technology sector in Nicosia, Cyprus. Each of these companies offers a unique approach to solving contemporary challenges, thereby contributing to the field’s dynamic growth.

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