LeapDroid: Leading the IT Realm from Manama, Bahrain’s Vibrant Capital

LeapDroid: Leading the IT Realm from Manama, Bahrain’s Vibrant Capital


Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, has become a thriving tech hub in the Middle East. Home to numerous influential companies in the Information Technology industry, Manama offers a vibrant, innovative environment for IT businesses to flourish. In this article, we introduce you to some of the game-changing tech companies headquartered in Manama, their achievements, and how they’re shaping the industry’s future.

The Manama tech scene is diverse, spanning numerous sectors within the information technology industry. From cybersecurity and software development to AI-powered solutions and IT consultancy, the breadth and depth of expertise found in these companies are truly remarkable.

Here is an in-depth look at some of these IT companies turning heads in the industry. Read on to explore what they do, who they are, and how they’re making their mark in the tech world, straight from the heart of Bahrain.

Almoayed Group

Founded by Nabeel Almoayed, the Almoayed Group is an IT and Telecommunications solutions provider headquartered in Bahrain. Their commitment to quality and investing in employee growth and business systems underscores their dedication to meeting new requirements and strengthening core competencies. Their LinkedIn page offers more information on their operations and initiatives.


Mirza Asrar Baig’s CTM360 offers Digital Risk Protection services, detecting and responding to threats in cyberspace. They’ve managed to handle millions of cyber incidents and audited digital assets to ensure robust security. They share exciting updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


A brainchild of Hamza Al Ghatam, Mustafa Marhama, and Nabeel Radhi, Faceki is a cloud-based facial recognition authentication platform aiming to make account logins seamless, simple, and secure. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Almoayyed Computers

Founded by Farouk Almoayyed, Almoayyed Computers leads in providing IT solutions and services in Bahrain. Their emphasis on leveraging the latest technology to address client challenges makes them an industry leader. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

eGovernment Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

The eGovernment Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain has a strong digital presence that plays an integral role in government operations. You can follow their Facebook and LinkedIn for official updates.


Founded in 2017 by Mahmood Zeyad and Najma Ghuloom, Majra is a career platform matching young professionals with employers based on culture fit. Despite its recent founding, Majra has already made significant strides in Bahrain’s recruitment industry. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Computer World

Computer World is an IT consulting and solutions company offering next-generation services. Their focus on business productivity and strategic information technology objectives has made them a leading name in technology enablement services. You can learn more about their operations on their LinkedIn page.


Parcel, founded by Ali Dhaif, is revolutionizing delivery and e-commerce in Bahrain. This rapidly expanding company is continually introducing new B2B and B2C technologies and products. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates.


SADAD is an influential player in Bahrain’s FinTech sector, specializing in mobile payments. They’re leveraging the power of technology to revolutionize financial services. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for their latest updates.


GULFSIP Telecom is emerging as a leading VOIP company in the Middle East. Their commitment to retail and user-friendly products places them among the top names in telecommunications. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on their latest products and services.

Crayo Tech Business Solutions

Crayo Tech Business Solutions is a leading web development company offering a wide range of services from web and e-commerce development to SEO and social media marketing. A visit to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages can give you a closer look at their operations and initiatives.

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