Leapdroid: Leading Software Innovation from Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Welcome to Leapdroid, the software and apps magazine that gives you insights about companies in the software industry worldwide. In this month’s edition, we step into Blumenau, a city located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, boasting a rich history and scenic beauty well accompanied by several innovative software companies based here. We will unfold each company, highlighting their uniqueness as we delve into the world of software development straight from the heart of South America.

Hidden in Brazil’s Santa Catarina valley, Blumenau is gaining prominence not only for having a major software hub but it also supports and harbors many growing startups. Let’s drill down and explore our handpicked list of companies from this growing technology hotspot and learn about their offerings, services, and what makes them unique.

Charge your cups with coffee as we explore the journey of these software companies and how they are making a difference not only in Brazil but around the globe. From machine learning to logistics, we cover the breadth and width of Blumenau’s software industry.


Paytrack specializes in business travel software solutions. Founded by Daniele Amaro and Edson Gonçalves, Paytrack’s solutions simplify travel and expense management for businesses by automating processes, ensuring business compliance and reducing operational costs. Discover more about Paytrack on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Movidesk, founded by Donisete Gomes and Edson Murilo Maestri, provides software solutions that streamline customer service. By integrating multiple channels into a single communication platform, Movidesk facilitates and empowers customer connections. More about Movidesk is available on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Established in 2012, LINCROS provides software solutions for transforming logistics. Their integrated platform connects important points in the supply chain, promoting smooth, barrier-free logistics. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.


Founded by Cleber José Osika, 8Quali offers a range of software services including document management, audit management, and risk management among others. Their diverse and robust solutions have helped many businesses streamline their operations. Learn more about 8Quali on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Senior is a powerhouse in the software industry, delivering solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Logistics, Access and Security Management, and Human Capital Management since 1988. Learn more about Senior on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Ambev Tech

Ambev Tech is an innovative Information Technology and Software company. Their goal is to deliver tech solutions that reinvent and enhance the ways of working and impacting lives. More about Ambev Tech can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

AMcom Information Systems

A leader in Technology and Information System solutions, AMcom collaborates with customer businesses in developing digital products, managing their technology needs, and shifting focus on their core businesses. Check out AMcom’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

Tempo Certo Soluções

Founded by Marcelo Sardagna and Oliver Kraemer, Tempo Certo Soluções provides software solutions for managing deliveries and receipts, simplifying the process of scheduling for companies of all sizes. Learn more about Tempo Certo Soluções on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Alessandra Neves Hoffmann Bilbao, Henrique Bilbao, and Josimar Zimermann, Ezok utilizes Artificial Intelligence to automate repetitive work in insurance companies. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more.


ToOdo is a complete management platform from start to finish of travel expenses. It caters to businesses, offering travel policies, control of miles, and an approval workflow that integrates with the business’s ERP. More about ToOdo can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Quick Soft Tecnologia

Quick Soft Tecnologia is a leading name in the consulting, Information Technology, and software arena. Keep up to date with Quick Soft Tecnologia by following their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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