Shanghai’s Xuhui Leapdroid: Trailblazing in Android Emulators Technology Innovation

<p>This software and apps article will delve into a collection of tech companies all proudly situated in the heart of Xuhui, situated in Shanghai, China, which is known for its vibrant tech scene. These companies, cutting across a broad spectrum of industries such as health care, e-commerce, big data, food and beverage, and many more, have made their imprint in their respective industries by providing innovative solutions to diverse needs in the modern world.</p>

<p>We will journey into the operations of these companies, engaging with their backbones — the founders, their histories, and the unique services they each bring to the table. For every company, we shine a light on its industry, founders, brief description and direct links to their websites.</p>

<p> For each company, the organization’s name also serves as a URL to the company’s website, providing easy access for readers interested in learning more.</p>

<h2><a href=””>Coffee Box</a></h2>
<p>Founded by Jiang Wang and Xiaogao Zhang, Coffee Box operates within the spheres of Coffee, Food and Beverage, and Information Technology. Coffee Box is a coffee chain brand that provides express delivery services, bringing the comfort of coffee to many doorsteps.</p>

<h2><a href=””>Transwarp</a></h2>
<p>Transwarp, founded by Yuanhao Sun, is a significant player in the Big Data, Data Center, and Software development industry. They develop big data software technologies for enterprises, including an integrated, one-stop data processing and cloud operating system.</p>

<h2><a href= “”>KYEE</a></h2>
<p>KYEE works in the Health Care, Information Technology, and Medical sectors. They manufacturer products and services for the medical cloud business covering various fields like medical cloud, smart ward, and big data in health care.</p>

<h2><a href=””>Bestone</a></h2>
<p> Residing within the Information Technology, Legal, SaaS, and Software industry, Bestone offers legal consulting services through an online SaaS-based platform designed for convenience and effectiveness.</p>

<h2><a href=””></a></h2>
Founded by Yan Hu, AeMoney operates within the E-Commerce, Apps, Information Technology, and Payments industry by providing a variety of products and services, giving users an option to experience e-commerce in a new light.

<h2><a href=””>Yunqi</a></h2>
<p> Yunqi is an E-Commerce, Information Services, Information Technology company that aims to bring efficiency into the cloud e-commerce business arena by distributing top-notch software products and technical services.</p>

<h2><a href=””>ACTION</a></h2>
<p> ACTION is at the forefront of the Database, Information Technology, and Software industry by offering projects such as distributed database cluster software, large-scale cloud database software, and industrial big data platform software for intelligent manufacturing.</p>

<h2><a href=””>1shi Interactive Media</a></h2>
Founded by Jinshan Di, 1shi Interactive media operates in Advertising, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Outdoor Advertising sectors.

<h2><a href=””>Ling Mou Zhineng</a></h2>
Ling Mou Zhineng is an Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Retail technology company that provides retail related services.

<h2><a href=””>YUNDUN</a></h2>
YUNDUN offers Cloud Security, Information Technology, Security services. They offer a new generation of security products and services, which protect digital businesses optimally.

<h2><a href=””>Juxinli</a></h2>
Founded by Hao Luo and Marshall Luo, Juxinli operates in Big Data, Information Technology, Internet, Management Consulting, Service Industry. They provide a personal information collection system that uses information on the internet to issue certificates for users.</p>

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