Leapdroid: Leading App Development Powerhouse in New Delhi’s Tech Industry

Leapdroid: Leading App Development Powerhouse in New Delhi’s Tech Industry

New Delhi, the capital of India, is an emerging hub for innovative tech companies. This cosmopolitan city is home to a plethora of start-ups functioning in the IT sector. From artificial intelligence and machine learning enterprises to tech companies providing software solutions, New Delhi’s digital ecosystem is thriving. In this article, we spotlight ten companies creating a buzz in the world of tech while transforming the industry with their revolutionary products and services.

The companies included in this list serve a broad spectrum of industries like AI, machine learning, SaaS, software engineering, information technology, professional networking and much more. They not only drive technological advancements but also contribute towards fulfilling the diverse needs of businesses, governments and consumers alike.

Highly valued for their innovative approaches and groundbreaking technologies, these firms have established a strong position in their respective fields. So, without further ado, let us present the prestigious tech companies headquartered in New Delhi.

Wobot Intelligence

Founded by Adit Chhabra, Tanay Dixit, and Tapan Dixit, Wobot Intelligence is a firm that specializes in artificial intelligence, computer vision, enterprise software, machine learning, SaaS, software, and software engineering. Their AI-first SaaS tool, plugged into CCTVs, helps organizations maintain vision-based process compliance. They provide solutions to a variety of sectors including Food, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, and Pharma.


Representing the world of computer and software engineering, Immensitas is a tech start-up dedicated to providing marketing automation solutions through a customer-focused data platform.


Talkie, founded by Amogh Tiwari and Ujwal Gupta, is a promising firm in the world of software. This team is passionate about developing innovative applications that amplify the user’s experience.


Founded by Mohammad Aatish Khan and Snehal Verma, NatureDots is a Hard-Tech start-up concentrated on generating resource-intelligent natural systems and solutions, facilitating a climate-Resilient New Nature Economy. They dream to map 2.5 million ha of freshwater bodies in India for establishing a Digital Twin of freshwater ecosystems.


Qdigi, functioning in the computer and IT sectors, is another up-and-coming start-up in the vibrant tech scene of New Delhi. They are transforming business processes with their tech-solutions.

Presto Infosolutions

Operational in the IT and professional networking sectors, Presto Infosolutions, founded by Krishan Girdhar, specializes in providing tech solutions to enterprises and government sectors, helping them optimize their IT infrastructure.


Established by Himanshu Singh and Varsha Ashok, Vanido is a tech enterprise using AI to create a personalized singing teacher for music enthusiasts. They aim to make music education accessible to anyone, anywhere.

BeatRoute | CRM SFA for Intelligent Sales Force Automation

Founded by Vinay Singh, BeatRoute is an award-winning cloud-based field force automation platform that aids in managing last mile coverage and backend commerce between distributors and retailers across business verticals.

Founded by Matra Matri, is India’s broadest product search and comparison website. This e-commerce platform hosts a huge array of products, showcasing the latest trends from best brands.

Omnipresent Robot Technologies

Founded by Aakash Sinha and Jyoti Sinha, Omnipresent Robot Technologies is a leading tech firm creating drones and robots for industrial and defense uses. They also develop software that drives these machines.

Intec Infonet

Focusing on computer, IT and professional networking, Intec Infonet is dedicated to delivering IT solutions and consulting services with an aim to optimize the client’s IT infrastructure. Founded in 1991, the enterprise has consistently grown over the years, contributing to a broad range of organizations.

All these companies reflect New Delhi’s vibrant tech scene, showcasing innovation and excellence in their sector. It will be exciting to see how they’ll shape the future of their respective fields while adding value and pushing the tech boundaries in the coming years.

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