Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovator from Surrey, British Columbia Spotlighted

In the bustling city of Surrey, British Columbia, the growth of the Information Technology industry is apparent. Headquarters of various companies related to Software, Apps, Analytics, Risk Management, and more are concentrated in this vibrant region of Canada. In this article, we will spotlight some of the most innovative companies in the IT industry based in Surrey.

We’ve carefully selected companies operating in diverse fields, including, but not limited to, healthcare tech, fleet management, software design, and more. Having a closer look at these companies helps us uncover the growth of information technology not just in Canada but globally. The companies in this list are changing the face of the IT industry and making significant contributions to their respective sectors.

As part of our Canada series, we believe this article will provide useful insights into the diverse, groundbreaking technology companies in Surrey, British Columbia. Whether you are interested in learning about software developments or seeking inspirations for entrepreneurship, this article provides a broad perspective on Surrey’s thriving tech ecosystem.


Founded in 1990 by Bob Park, FINCAD specializes in risk analytics and management software for derivatives valuations and pricing, including swaps and options. They provide valuable financial technology insights and global financial market news and innovative products such as the F3s analytic suites. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more updates.


Established by Craig Shimasaki, Izotropic is revolutionizing the healthcare and IT sectors by developing an isotropic breast imaging platform for early detection of breast cancer. Stay up-to-date with their advancements on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

DSG Global

Leading the Fleet Management and SaaS industry, DSG Global, a company founded by Robert Silzer, offers mobile electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions. Their technology allows golf course operators to manage their fleet of vehicles remotely. You can get further insights about their operations via their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


A brainchild of Shawn Kalin, Virtly is a collaboration tool creator focused on optimizing outcomes for high-value clients. Follow their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Award-winning technology consultancy, BrightStarr, founded by Richard Paterson and William Saville, focuses on building digital workplaces and platforms using Microsoft technology. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Safe Software

Founded by Dale Lutz and Don Murray, Safe Software is a leader in the Apps, Computer, and IT sphere. Keep up-to-date with their developments on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Renowned for its secure, streaming solution, LiveSwitch brings real-time video and in-person connections closer than ever. Find out more about their technology and services on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


NucleusLabs offers effective case management and reporting SaaS solutions for various agencies. Get more information about their services on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Frozen Mountain Software

Co-founded by Jerod Venema, Frozen Mountain Software provides various live video conferencing and ultra low latency video streaming services. Stay informed about their latest solutions through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

PricePro Pharmacy

For great deals on prescription drugs, PricePro Pharmacy is your go-to. They ship high-quality medications directly to your door at great discounts. Stay informed about their services via their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.


Lastly, the user-centric digital solutions company, Motivait, helps to increase motivation, commitment, participation, and engagement. Keep up with their latest developments on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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