Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovator Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovator Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Welcome to another edition in our series highlighting key players in the Information Technology industry throughout San Juan, NA – Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico. We’ll be taking a closer look into the organizations that are shaping the future of IT. From analytical masters to impressive innovators, here are some of the IT companies that are revolutionizing industry standards. Let’s dive in.

RED Atlas

RED Atlas, led by founders Henry Keenan and Rodrigo Vidal, is leading the charge in Latin America’s real estate data landscape. Using the cutting-edge technology, they bridge the gap between real estate professionals and accurate information on properties and property markets. They employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, and user-generated data collection processes to build the most comprehensive and accurate property-level database. With RED Atlas, companies are able to securely store private data and use it in concert with public data, real estate brokers can spend more time serving clients, and investors and underwriters get detailed insights into previously opaque markets. For more information, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Rock Solid Technologies

Headquartered in San Juan with additional locations across the United States, Rock Solid Technologies is a software engineering company that innovates software solutions to revolutionize the current processes in the public sector. With more than 25 years of experience as a trusted Microsoft Partner, they’ve used technology to streamline workflows and resource allocation for diverse entities worldwide. With over 200 employees serving customers in over 30 countries, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


FairBank is a digital banking service that bridges the gap between traditional financial services and a new generation of services built around digital assets and direct P2P operations. By focusing on accessibility and compliance while providing cutting-edge security, FairBank aims to bring the power of digital financial services to the average consumer.

Abarca Health

Abarca Health, spearheaded by Jason Borschow, is pioneering new methods in health care and IT. For more information, follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Calling all quality managers in the life sciences industry: CINCO is a Software that allows you to efficiently implement and manage a Quality Risk Management Program. With a complete paperless and “live” traceability of every critical aspect of a manufacturing process, CINCO enables timely and quality-driven decisions at every moment. Facebookhere and LinkedInhere.

IBS Caribe

Established in 2004, IBS Caribe provides innovative solutions to the regulated life-sciences manufacturing industries. Operating from their San Juan headquarters, they fuel innovation in Life Science and Manufacturing.

Interboro Systems Corporation

Interboro Systems Corporation is a computer software company providing payroll and HR management software solutions in the Caribbean market. Check them out here on Facebook and here on LinkedIn.


PRW.NET offers a suite of services including web hosting accounts, personal accounts, cloud accounts, and enterprise accounts services.


Visit PDFSimpli for your productivity needs in the IT sphere. Get connected with them Facebook or follow them on LinkedIn.


Faro operates in the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology, Management Consulting, and Software industries. Connect with them here on Facebook or here on LinkedIn., founded by Dan Lammot and Lina Pérez, was founded to resolve many of the challenges within the nonprofit sector. They developed a program design and storytelling platform for nonprofit program teams called Get connected here on Facebook or here on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the city of San Juan, NA – Puerto Rico, is home to a number of impressive IT industry leaders. These companies are heading the future of IT through their innovative solutions across various industries. For more IT updates and spotlights, stay tuned to Leapdroid.

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