Leapdroid: Groundbreaking IT Innovation from Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, located in the state of Florida, United States, is home to a flourishing Information Technology industry. These IT companies are innovatively steering the tech world with their diverse services ranging from bitcoin and cloud security to business intelligence and healthcare solutions. This article highlights various successful companies headquartered in Clearwater who are reshaping the face of the IT sector. Each of them are playing a vital role in shaping digital solutions, enterprise software, and security solutions for businesses all over the world.

These companies of Clearwater are not just aiding businesses with impeccable software and tech services, but they are also significantly contributing to the growing economy of the region. What sets them apart is their commitment to their community and the collaborative environment they foster for their teams. This in turn fuels their commitment to deliver top-notch services that are instrumental in helping businesses thrive and innovate, and ultimately transforming industries for the greater good.

Below are some of the standout companies in Clearwater’s tech industry. Each company is striving to make a difference with their unique offerings, and they are certainly worth keeping an eye on for everyone interested in the dynamic world of information technology.


Founded by Kurt Long, FairWarning is an Information Technology industry geared towards Business Intelligence, Cloud Security, Health Care, and Security. Their vision fosters trust by safeguarding personal and sensitive information in their customers’ crucial applications. With over 1,700 hospitals and 7,500 medical facilities globally using their solutions, patients can confidently share their most sensitive medical details without apprehension. FairWarning for Salesforce is another robust solution offered by the company that safeguards and governs access to financial and medical information that’s stored online.

Massive Alliance

Massive Alliance is a tech firm that diversifies in the fields of Information Technology, Internet, Media and Entertainment, Public Relations, Publishing, and Software. Founded by Brook Zimmatore, Nadia Zimmatore, and Tom Popomaronis, their mission is to modernize the written word across published media by solving the outdated process, technology, and failing revenue models of digital publications.

Founders Jeremy Segal and Samuel Risberg bring to the table, a blockchain company that maintains a large-scale modular cryptocurrency mining facility.’s patent-pending airflow technology allows operational reliability from extreme weather conditions, making it energy efficient and adaptable.

Taronis Technologies

Taronis Technologies, founded by Ruggero Maria Santilli, owns a patented plasma arc technology that enables fuel generation and water decontamination. This technology finds end use applications in the Pharmaceutical, Renewable Energy, Therapeutics and Information Technology sectors.

Tech Data

Fulfilling the technology needs of end-users of all sizes, Tech Data is an end-to-end distributor of technology products, services, and solutions. Sergei Dreizin founded the company to support technology needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumers.

Teamwork Commerce

Founded by Michael Mauerer, Teamwork Commerce is an e-commerce and Information Technology company. They bring about transactions and fulfillment from anywhere at any time, giving a new direction to retail.

SCC Soft Computer

SCC Soft Computer, founded by Gilbert Hakim, operates in the fields of Biotechnology, Computer, Health Care, and Information Technology.

VIPRE Security

VIPRE Security offers internet security for both businesses and home users. It specializes in protecting millions of users from top online threats such as ransomware, zero-days and other malware that easily evade traditional antivirus technologies.

Data Age Business Systems

Established by Tom Streng, Data Age Business Systems designs comprehensive, user-friendly interfaces and flexible technology solutions that promote profitability in businesses.

Decipher Software Solutions

Decipher Software Solutions is a high-tech IT company specializing in Big Data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Software development.

iVenture Solutions

Founders Gray Mabry and Mark Schnitzius offer iVenture Solutions, a firm providing managed IT and Cloud services that are innovative, reliable, & business friendly.

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