Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Innovation from Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Leapdroid, your go-to publication for all things related to the evolving world of Software and Apps. We’re back with yet another exciting series that shine a spotlight on Portland, Oregon, a city bustling with innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking. In this particular series, we delve into the offices of remarkable companies that form part of the thriving Apps industry in this diverse and inclusive city.

From mobile payment solutions to data visualization platforms, Portland is home to a range of companies, each with their unique contribution to the industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies and their offerings, which continue to impact our daily lives in more ways than we realize.

Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities, in search of exciting professional challenges, or simply exploring the industry landscape, this curated selection provides a comprehensive overview. Let’s dive in!


Founded by Adam Lowry, Michael Richardson, Scott Kveton, and Steven Osborn, Airship operates in the A/B Testing, Information Technology, Messaging, Mobile, Mobile Apps, SaaS industry. [@airship] [Facebook] [Linkedin]


PayRange, founded by Paresh Patel, provides a simple mobile payment solution for various applications ranging from vending to transit ticketing. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]


Pioneered by Geoff Tarrant, Zuuse offers construction solutions that handle payment applications and carry through to building operations. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

The Dyrt

Kevin Long and Sarah Smith co-founded The Dyrt, a top-ranked app offering campsite bookings and sharing camper experiences. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]


Founded by Jeff Shinrock and Ross Fruin, GridRival operates as a sports betting startup specifically tailored for race fans. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

Bold Reuse

Initiated by Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell, Bold Reuse is a full-service reuse platform striving to eliminate single-use trash. [Facebook] [Linkedin]

SWAG’R Digital Media

Swag’r, founded by Greg Williams, is an augmented reality SDK for instant brand activation at live events. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

Cascadia Carbon

Founded by Alex Wick, Claire Jencks, Karana Ellis, and Sharjeel Khan, Cascadia Carbon aims to make carbon offsetting accessible to individuals. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]


Reflect, pioneered by Alex Bilmes and Brad Heller, is a data visualization platform for developers. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

Nike Valiant Labs

Nike Valiant Labs, initiated by Hannah Jones, focuses on innovating and introducing new services and sectors.


Conceived by Lucas Carlson, AppFog is a Platform-as-a-Service system that supports various technology stacks for cloud applications. [Twitter] [Facebook] [Linkedin]

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