Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software From Delft, The Netherlands

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software From Delft, The Netherlands

Modernity has swept into different sectors, automating traditional ways of doing things, making processes faster, and ensuring efficiency. Businesses and individuals alike are thriving in the digital age thanks to the many software solutions and apps available. The city of Delft, located in the province of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands, is a hotspot for software companies that offer innovative solutions. From quantum computing to airborne wind energy, these companies are making significant contributions to varied industries. Let’s shed some light on some of these companies.


Mapiq was established by Jasper Schuurmans and Sander Schutte. They developed a software that enables organisations to optimise their office space and reduce costs using data. The software helps to mitigate the environmental impact of businesses by reducing CO2 emissions associated with unoptimised office space. Mapiq is a blend of diverse professionals who have come together to create dynamic work environments that inspire efficiency and innovation. You can connect with Mapiq on LinkedIn.


Qblox, founded by Jules van Oven and Niels Bultink, is a frontrunner in the Quantum Computing industry. They build control hardware for quantum computers that will significantly impact the computation process by utilising quantum mechanics. The company is on a quest to achieve earth-shattering computation power by overcoming scientific and engineering challenges. You can follow what they are up to on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Johannes Peschel and Roland Schmehl, Kitepower is revolutionising wind energy using kites. They have developed an airborne wind energy system that uses less material, is easily transportable and efficient. By harnessing wind from higher altitudes, Kitepower has opened up new geographies for wind energy generation. Find out more about Kitepower’s innovations on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


Dimitri Stallenberg, Henry Tang, and Willem Li co-founded Turff, a web development service for FMCG accounting. The company provides a comprehensive service package that includes student marketing, student advertising, student branding, and other digital services. Connect with Turff on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Akhilesh Goveas and Mani Kamalzadeh are responsible for SpectX, which is changing the game in the inspection of hard-to-reach assets. SpectX’s innovative technology allows for efficient X-ray inspections of structures like offshore wind turbines, offering a solution to detecting internal structural defects. You can find more about their unique solutions on LinkedIn.


Manometric was founded by the duo, Pieter Smakman and Robin Jones, with a mission to improve the comfort and aesthetics of Orthoses & Prosthetics. They’ve developed proprietary 3D scanning and printing technology alongside software that delivers the products with high consistency and efficiency. Learn more about their visionary work on LinkedIn.


Jasper Hartong and Michel Boerrigter created Calendar42, a unique tool that breathes innovation into organization. It features advanced scheduling and planning capabilities designed for a modern lifestyle. You could follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Shake-on is a creative technology startup co-founded by Babak Heydari, Jouri Schoemaker, and Anton De Bode. They’ve developed a smart bracelet and smartphone application that shares contact information automatically when event attendees shake hands. Such functions provide event organizers and stand holders with valuable data for crowd-control. You can follow them on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Fusion Engineering

Fusion Engineering is a software company specializing in drone technology. Find out more about their unique projects on LinkedIn.

Adjuvo BV

Adjuvo BV is a mechanical engineering and software firm working on technology for the rehabilitation of post-stroke patients. Their S-Sense glove optimises hand and wrist rehabilitation by tracking hand gestures, treatment adherence and treatment progress in real-time. Their work ensures that patients can undergo effective tailor-made treatment. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


BackupAgent is an online backup and recovery software provider co-founded by Paul de Grijp, Robbert van Geldrop, and Roland Sars. They offer services to clients across Europe and America under different brands. Alongside their innovative products, the company provides installation and maintenance services post-purchase. You can find out more about BackupAgent on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, the software industry in Delft, Zuid-Holland, is vibrant, with a wealth of companies offering a diverse range of innovative products and solutions. From energy and quantum computing to rehabilitation and organisation, these companies are making a significant impact on various industries and reinventing conventional ways of doing things.

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