Leapdroid: A London-Based Innovator in Predictive Analytics Software Solutions

London – a centuries-old city with its historical landmarks and royal heritage has ushered into the digital era and has become a significant hub for tech startups. Among these promising startups, a cluster of companies have emerged that specialise in predictive analytics, a field of analytics that uses current and historical data to forecast trends, behaviour, and activities. This post aims to spotlight a selection of companies that form the backbone of London’s predictive analytics industry. What do they do? Why do they stand out? Let’s find out.

Predictive analytics is an innovative discipline that uses a variety of statistical and analytical techniques to develop models that predict future events or behaviours. It aids businesses in making proactive decisions and strategies based on these insights. Countless industries and sectors benefit from predictive analytics, from healthcare, finance, marketing, to cyber security and beyond.

The thriving tech scene in London is home to a surge of exciting companies specialising in this field. These range from startups specialising in aerospace, risk management, artificial intelligence, mobile, business intelligence, and others. This article highlights some of these companies located right in the heart of London.

Migacore Technologies

Migacore Technologies, located in the city of London, is an early-stage data science startup that specialises in providing predictive demand forecasting for airlines. This company’s sophisticated analytics platform helps airlines understand demand drivers and adjust schedules and strategies accordingly. You can connect with them on @migacore, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in the heart of London, FundCalibre is a company that focuses on predictive analytics in the finance and investment industry. The core task of the FundCalibre team is to identify the most skillful fund managers through thorough analysis and research in order to provide high-quality financial advice. Connect with them on @fundcalibre, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Next up is Streetbees, an innovative company that uses analytics to understand offline consumer behaviour. By collecting real-life moments from the users on their chat-style app, they use AI to identify not just actions, but also motivations, to predict future behaviours. Visit their website, or join them on @streetbees, Facebook, and


Molo pioneers in providing UK’s first fully digital mortgage lending service. They deploy artificial intelligence and real-time data validation for direct and efficient consumer service. Join their growing community on Facebook, @molofinance, and LinkedIn.

Climate X

Climate X is a climate risk data analytics provider that aims to generate location-specific risk ratings to promote a more climate resilient future. Connect with them on @climatexltd and LinkedIn.


Quorso offers a simple and effective solution for retailers by simplifying data into action-driven ‘Missions’ that guarantee increased sales and KPIs. Connect with them on @quorso and LinkedIn.


Echobox is an advanced content automation platform that helps businesses automate and optimise their content. Visit their website and engage with them on @echoboxhq, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

AD is a strategic analytics company specialising in creating conversions through predictive analysis. They provide solutions for advertising, digital marketing, and IT through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

DeepSea Technologies

DeepSea Technologies is a shipping software company that uses artificial intelligence to optimise vessel performance for commercial shipping. They offer services that are environmentally and economically beneficial. Connect with them on LinkedIn


Brytlyt pioneers in powering the new generation of data scientists and decision-makers with accessible deep learning methods and analytics. Connect with them on @brytlytdb and LinkedIn.


Olvin is a company that utilises complex AI to provide instant and affordable predictions for the retail and CRE industries. Visit their website and join them on @OlvinGlobal and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, predictive analytics is a powerful tool and these London-based startups are leveraging it to challenge norms, solve complex issues and deliver value in innovative ways.

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