Leapdroid: Innovating Web Design Solutions from Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Welcome to Leapdroid! We are on a journey, highlighting the proliferation of pioneering web design companies based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. In this article, we introduce to you a series of companies that have not just crafted a niche in the industry for themselves, but have also significantly contributed to transforming the city into an IT hub. From automotive organizations to IT consultants, e-commerce platforms, and more, Gurgaon is home to an array of businesses that ingeniously utilize web design for their operations. Here are some of the city’s finest:


Founded by Suresh Bansal, DCGpac operates in the sectors of Automotive, E-Commerce, Web Design, and Wholesale. With a warehouse maintaining more than 1000 items, DCGpac is the largest online retail packaging store in India, offering products such as bubble wrap, packing tapes, special purpose corrugated boxes, and much more. Follow them on @DCGpac for updates.

Expand My Business

Nishant Behl and Rohan Raj Barua are the brains behind Expand My Business, a B2B digital services marketplace that provides IT development, marketing services, and deep tech support. The platform aims to bridge the gap between execution and delivery of projects, proving to be a one-stop solution for businesses. Don’t forget to check their social media channels Facebook, and @helloEMB.


Founded by Gaurav Gupta, Squareboat specializes in developing web and mobile applications for startups. They strive to deliver elegant design solutions and robust web application, which is also a reason why they are an instant hit amongst startups. Find out more about them on their Facebook, and @Square_Boat accounts.

Antino Labs

Having over 30 years of collective experience, founders Ashish Gupta and Vinay Krishna Gupta lead Antino Labs – a custom software service provider. They specialize in mobile and web application development, ensuring quality and reliability in every project. For more updates, visit their Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Anand Chowdhary and Mahendra Singh Raghuwanshi, Melangebox is an e-commerce technology platform that focuses on customization in made-to-order fashion. They use a tech-first approach to offer affordable fashion solutions. You can find more about them on their Facebook page.

Adani Digital Labs

A creation of founder Nitin Sethi, Adani Digital Labs provide services in Content, Internet, Marketing, and Web Design. See their most recent updates on their Facebook and @AdaniDigital pages.

Technians Softech Pvt Ltd.

Technians, founded by Gaurav Kaushik, is a digital marketing agency that offers top-notch SEO services, making your digital presence stronger and promising. Visit their Facebook, @Technians, and LinkedIn to know more about their offerings.


ContentNinja, founded by Mayank Gulati and Shriya Garg, is a Hubspot Gold Partner and boutique inbound agency. They help businesses with complex growth challenges through their deep expertise and bespoke strategies. Check their @_contentninja and Facebook accounts for more insight.


Founded by Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Uibix is a comprehensive platform that integrates creativity, experience, and information. They specialize in making digital experiences intelligent, adaptive, fast, and above all, human-centric. Stay updated with their latest endeavours by checking out their @uibix and Facebook accounts.


The Koderbox team works diligently to create customer-oriented software applications. The company believes in optimizing cost, time, and quality of software development. For more about them visit their Facebook and @koderbox pages.


Founded by Aashish Dhawan and Bharat Gulati, Crownstack is a global digital technology company that provides product engineering and digital transformation services. Check them out on their social media handles @crownstack, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more details.

Gurgaon, with its vibrant tech landscape, is a promising location for countless web design and technology companies. We hope this article has brought you closer to the digital pulse of the city by introducing you to these leading companies. Stay tuned for more insights in our subsequent articles!

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