San Jose’s Leapdroid Excels in Innovative Machine Learning Applications Development

San Jose’s Leapdroid Excels in Innovative Machine Learning Applications Development

The beautiful city of San Jose, California is renowned for being the hub of all things technology. For a while now, it has been budding with promising and innovative companies operating in the Machine Learning industry. Software and Apps magazine Leapdroid has been keenly observing and evaluating these companies, and it’s time we shed more light on some of them: their specializations, the brains behind them, and how they are using Machine Learning to make strides in various sectors.

San Jose stands out as the breeding ground for tech startups not just due to its location in Silicon Valley, but also due to the diverse Meta-creation and reinvention opportunities it provides. Many of these companies specialize in different subcategories of Artificial Intelligence. From Edge Computing to Semiconductors, Enterprise Software, and even Cryptocurrency; these companies offer a comprehensive and integrative view of the wide expanse Machine Learning industry represented in San Jose.

The powerhouse founders driving these cutting-edge solutions have background experiences across a broad spectrum in academia and industry, including massive tech giants. Now, they are channeling their expertize and vision in spearheading the future trajectory of machine learning through their respective ventures.

San Jose-based is a machine learning titan in the semiconductor industry. Founded by Krishna Rangasayee and Steven J. Rosston, offers the first-of-its-kind software-centric MLSoC™ platform. This new approach to ML allows for effortless deployment and scaling at the system’s edge. Their focus transcends beyond supplying their customers with the technology to solve complex computer vision problems; they aim to deliver it with the highest performance and lowest power consumption. Connect with them on @SiMa_Inc and LinkedIn.

Edge Impulse

Meet Edge Impulse, the brainchild of founders Jan Jongboom and Zach Shelby. This unique platform empowers intelligent devices with embedded machine learning, popularly known as TinyML. Embedded machine learning enables internet connected devices to make data-driven decisions independently, whether based on sensors or historical data. Get updates on their latest projects by following them on @EdgeImpulse and LinkedIn.


AppZen seeks to blend machine learning with finance. Founded by Anant Kale and Kunal Verma, AppZen uses its platform to assist finance teams in reducing spend, comply with policy, and streamline processes. Their patented deep learning, computer vision, and semantic analysis combining with thousands of online data sources has been transformative in processing financial transactions. Engage with them on @appzen, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Celestial AI

Celestial AI, founded by David Lazovsky, Michelle Tomasko, and Preet Virk, offers a Neuromorphic Photonic AI Computing solution which is used for deep learning and machine learning applications. Follow them on LinkedIn to get familiar with their innovative AI solutions.

Litmus Automation

Founded by a team of four – Isha Sheth, John Younes, Sacha Sawaya, and Vatsal Shah, Litmus Automation offers an Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for Industrial IoT. Their vision revolves around enabling organizations who want to leverage the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to seamlessly connect their devices to applications that can generate value from data. Connect with them on @LAutomation, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

With cryptocurrency gaining popularity, San Jose-based is making waves in the AI-powered cybersecurity arena with its emphasis on blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. Led by Ben Wu and Victor Fang, AnChain.AI boasts a huge clientele from financial institutions, governments, and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP). Come see what they’re all about on @AnChainAI and LinkedIn.


Hypersonix, a brainchild of Gina Becchetti, Prem Kiran, and Rama Rao, is an AI solution designed to optimize revenue growth for direct-to-consumer businesses. By diligently monitoring various systems and data signals, Hypersonix provides a holistic system to drive profitability, presenting predictions with prescriptive recommendations. You can find them on @hypersonix_ai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies

Bringing machine learning to the healthcare industry, HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies enhances healthcare delivery optimization with a unique approach. This startup was founded by MIT, Harvard, Stanford and U-Michigan alumni. Their goal? Empowering healthcare providers and payers with the ability to deliver precision healthcare through personalized and predictive algorithms. Stay connected with them on @healthatscale and LinkedIn.


Tachyum is set to revolutionize the data center, AI, and HPC workloads with their Prodigy processor. Prodigy promises to enable hypertech data centers to become a low cost, energy-efficient universal computing center. This overall reduction in operation cost is a boon for data centers, saving them billions. Stay updated with their endeavors on @tachyum, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kami Vision

Artificial intelligence (AI) startup Kami Vision is making AI affordable and accessible to all businesses and consumers. They offer a complete set of solutions featuring AI-enabled camera devices and Cloud platforms for creating AI applications. Connect with them on @KamiHome?s=20, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Exafunction offers a new approach to optimizing deep learning inference workflows. Based in San Jose, Exafunction can deliver up to a ten-fold improvement in resource utilization and cost. With the help of their software, deep learning workloads can run on available “cost-effective hardware,” leading to higher utilization and lesser costs. Stay connected on @exafunction and LinkedIn.

From AI-based cybersecurity to Healthcare, Finance, Industrial IoT, and Semiconductor Industry, these San Jose-based companies are pushing the frontier of modern technology. This series aims to showcase the vast fields being revolutionized and dominated by Machine Learning in this era of rapid technological advancement. Stay tuned for more updates!

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