Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Software Pioneers of Helsinki, Southern Finland

Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Software Pioneers of Helsinki, Southern Finland

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is emerging as an international hub for tech industries with a special focus on software development. The city’s conducive business environment, presence of world-class tech talent, and supportive community form a perfect ecosystem for software companies. Also known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe”, Helsinki is home to a variety of innovative tech companies. This feature shines a light on some of the esteemed enterprises operating out of Helsinki, Southern Finland.

Software companies based in Helsinki are exploring a range of domains from enterprise software solutions, artificial intelligence, music technology, to collaborative commerce. Many of these companies have established a global presence, thanks to their innovative offerings and notable performance in their respective niches. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about the work they do, their accomplishments, and contribution to the software industry.

Featuring top-tier software companies in Helsinki, this expose aims to provide our readership with a comprehensive understanding of these organizations’ business models, solutions they offer, and their operational dynamics. Framed within this landscape, we hope to underscore the transformative capabilities these companies can offer to various sectors.

RELEX Solutions

RELEX Solutions, founded by Johanna Småros, Michael Falck and Mikko Kärkkäinen, is an integrated retail and supply chain planning system. Through precise demand forecasting, automated replenishment, revolutionary space planning, and assortment optimization, it helps businesses sell more, waste less, and respond more flexibly to market changes. Notably, it has been trusted by leading brands including WHSmith, Morrisons, and ParknShop. Its successful operations have led to the establishment of offices across North America and Europe.


The Finnish startup Varjo pioneered by Klaus Melakari, Niko Eiden, Roope Rainisto, and Urho Konttori, is revolutionising the field of virtual and augmented reality. Varjo’s VR/XR software and hardware solutions provide ultra-realistic visual experiences, promising improved performance and faster learning. The company is a favorite among industry leaders such as Aston Martin, Boeing, and Audi. It is working towards developing technology for a future metaverse, thereby changing the way people work, socialize, and play.

Neural DSP

Recognized for democratizing access to world-class sound for music players, Neural DSP was founded by Francisco Cresp and Douglas Castro. Their intuitive software/hardware ecosystem, Cortex, aims to virtualize and replace an extensive set of products necessary for live and recording uses. The solution is based on their proprietary “Neural Capture” technology. It promises to simplify the process of finding the desired sound for players, irrespective of where they play.


The award-winning procurement analytics software producer, Sievo, was started in 2003 by Matti Sillanpaa and Sammeli Sammalkorpi. The firm helps clients navigate actual supply chain, economic, and environmental events and generate business value. They offer a host of procurement analytics solutions capturing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analytics, materials forecasting, spending analysis, and savings lifecycle management.


iFarm, an award-winning AgriTech development company, crafts innovative and data-driven vertical farming solutions. Their proprietary tech, indoor farm management Growtune software, and wraparound services strive to maximize technological efficiency, optimize yields, and raise farm productivity. With the assistance of AI-driven growth assessments, online support from iFarm agronomists, and more, iFarm offers a range of groundbreaking features expected to redefine farming.


Aiforia Technologies, co-founded by Johan Lundin, Kari Pitkanen, and Mikael Lundin, brings together deep learning AI with high-performance cloud computing. As a spin-off from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki, Aiforia provides efficient and scalable solutions for image-based diagnostics, supporting new discoveries and clinical support with precise and consistent data.


Founded by Otto Hilska, Swarmia is an engineering productivity platform that helps engineering leaders, managers, and teams understand and resolve obstructions to their productivity. Swarmia connects the user’s engineering team with source code hosting, issue trackers, and chat in a bid to make gradual positive changes across productivity, collaboration, and workflow.


Founded by Esa Kinnunen and Fernando Herrera, Nordcloud is a European front-runner in public cloud infrastructure solutions and cloud-native application services. Since 2011, Nordcloud has completed more than 500 deployments to aid their enterprise customers in reaping optimal benefits from cloud use, such as security, agility, scalability, and cost savings.


Eficode, founded by Risto Virkkala, is a DevOps, software, and design company with offices in several countries. For over a decade, Eficode has helped companies build software more effectively, setting a high bar in DevOps transformations, UX research, and software creation.


Aaro Isosaari founded Flowrite, a software company that helps write emails and messages faster across Google Chrome. Flowrite’s AI-powered tool assists users in generating unique drafts without writing a single word from basic instructions, enhancing productivity.


Sharetribe is an easy solution created by Antti Virolainen and Juho Makkonen for anyone looking to create peer-to-peer marketplace websites in the spirit of Airbnb or Etsy. The platform empowers members to rent or sell goods, services, or space between themselves without needing any coding skills to set up a site.

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