Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Software From Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta, the largest city in the province and the home to some of Canada’s most innovative software companies. This western Canadian city has been making significant strides in technology development, particularly in the areas of software and applications. With a strong sense of community and an innovative spirit, Calgary is a prime location for start-ups and established companies alike. Whether it’s e-commerce, industrial automation, e-learning, or data analytics, these software companies are thriving in Calgary. Let’s take a closer look at some of these inspiring organizations.

Software solutions often play a significant role in driving social change. This has been given particular emphasis by companies like Benevity, a pioneer in providing platforms for managing charitable donations and grants. At the intersection of e-commerce, enterprise software, and information technology, Benevity serves a unique purpose in the market. Integrated donation management, charitable rewards, and comprehensive reporting capabilities are some of the many features provided by their robust platforms.

The journey then morphs from social assistance to industrial automation with companies like Attabotics, headquartered in Calgary and specializing in the field of industrial automation, robotics, and software engineering. Focusing primarily on the provision of robotic warehousing and fulfillment systems, Attabotics has potential to redefine the market with its innovative solutions. By bringing the physical and digital aspects of warehousing together, Attabotics is already making a profound impact in the realm of industrial automation.


Founded in 2008 by Bryan de Lottinville, Jason Becker, and Ryan Courtnage, Benevity provides customizable charitable donation-management and grant-management platforms. By connecting companies to causes, Benevity is helping attract, retain, and engage customers, employees, and partners throughout the world. Connect with Benevity on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @benevity.


Attabotics, a company that revolves around providing a robotic warehousing and fulfillment system was founded by Jacques LaPointe, Rob Cowley, Scott Gravelle, and Tony Woolf. Their area of expertise lies in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, and software engineering. Get a glimpse into the world of Attabotics on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @AttaBotics.


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