Leapdroid: Pioneering Machine Learning Innovations in New York Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Pioneering Machine Learning Innovations in New York Tech Scene

Headquartered in New York, numerous companies are playing significant roles in the rapidly evolving machine learning industry – from social engagement platforms to applied AI research, and from data extraction for investors to AI-driven precision medicine. These organizations leverage the power of machine learning to develop innovative solutions that transform traditional tasks and business processes. The bustling city, known for its status as a global hub of business and commerce, hosts a multitude of promising companies specializing in machine learning platforms, tools, and services.

The key players in the industry, located in the heart of the Big Apple, are working to solve complex problems and improve efficiency in various sectors such as internet, publishing, video editing, information technology, business intelligence, analytics, biotechnology, developer tools, and more. Their work is not only redefining the ways businesses operate but also affecting how we understand and interact with technology in our daily lives.

Taking a closer look at the companies in this series, we can explore the tangible ways these organizations are utilizing machine learning to shape industries and even influence societal and cultural changes. Here’s a rundown of these important machine learning companies based in New York City:


OpenWeb, a social engagement platform, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to foster healthy and constructive online communications. Founded by Ishay Green, Nadav Shoval, and Roee Goldberg, its services are used by over 700 leading global publishers and it claims to host 100 million active users each month. Find OpenWeb on @OpenWebHQ, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Runway, founded by Alejandro Matamala, Anastasis Germanidis, and Cristóbal Valenzuela Barrera, is an applied AI research company that is at the forefront of building the next generation of creativity tools. With a focus on video automation and synthetic media, Runway is revolutionizing content creation. Find Runway on @runwayml, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hume AI

Founded by Alan Cowen in 2021, Hume AI provides expressive communication tools through its platform. The company seeks to ensure that technology is informed by human empathy and expression. Find Hume AI on @hume__ai and LinkedIn.

Seek AI

Established by Sarah Nagy in 2021, Seek AI offers intelligent data solutions that automate the generation and maintenance of code for ad-hoc questions. The company is headquartered in New York. Find Seek AI on @ai_seek and LinkedIn.


Founded by Wei Wang in 2013, Canoe focuses on automating document management and data extraction for investors. Their machine learning tools deliver actionable data and intelligence for their clients. Find Canoe on @CanoeAI and LinkedIn.


Founded by Thomas Clozel and Gilles Wainrib in 2016, Owkin uses AI to improve patient outcomes and identify new drug candidates, while also protecting patient privacy and data. Find Owkin on @owkinscience and LinkedIn.


Comet, co-founded by Gideon Mendels and Nimrod Lahav, is a platform that allows data scientists to automatically track their data sets, code changes, and machine learning experimentation history. Find Comet on @cometml, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Focusing on automating office work processes, Hyperscience develops AI-based enterprise software. The founders, Krasimir Marinov, Peter Brodsky, and Vladimir Tzankov, envision a world where businesses can streamline complex processes automatically. Find Hyperscience on @HyperScienceAI, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Hebbia, started by George Sivulka in 2020, uses AI to intelligently answer the world’s most complicated questions. Find Hebbia on @hebbiaai and LinkedIn.

Arthur AI

Founded in 2018, Arthur AI offers a platform that monitors the productivity of machine learning models. The company was founded by Adam Wenchel, John Dickerson, Liz O’Sullivan, and Priscilla Alexander. Find Arthur AI on @itsArthurAI, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Enigma Technologies

Founded by Hicham Oudghiri and Marc DaCosta, Enigma Technologies builds small business intelligence with data science. Notable clients include American Express, Truist, and PayPal. Find Enigma on @Enigma_data and LinkedIn.

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