Exploring Leapdroid: Alpharetta’s Innovative Player in Software Development Scene

Leapdroid: Highlights of IT companies in Alpharetta, Georgia

In this edition of Leapdroid, we venture into the city of Alpharetta, a hidden gem in the tech industry, situated in Georgia’s Fulton County. Alpharetta has proven to be a hotbed of technological innovation with the outstanding presence of numerous IT industry giants in the city. Today, we bring you and in-depth look into the operations of some of these immensely impactful companies.

From network security to enterprise software, fintech, and healthcare IT, the diversity of these industries in Alpharetta is quite inspiring. Each of these organizations has significantly contributed to their respective industries and, by extension, the global IT landscape. We will provide you detailed insights about these companies and their operations.

One thing is certain; all the companies we are about to discuss prove that Alpharetta is more than just a city in Georgia. It’s a bustling hub of innovation and excellence in the IT industry. Without further ado, let’s delve in!


Founders: Edgardo Nazario, Harold Brewer, Jeffrey Lunsford, Sean Cassidy

The first stop on our tour is DefenseStorm, a specialist in cybersecurity management platforms, specifically tailored for banking institutions. Founders Edgardo Nazario, Harold Brewer, Jeffrey Lunsford, and Sean Cassidy launched the company in 2014, initially under the name Praesidio. Today, it’s a highly respected player in ensuring cyber safety and convergence with regulatory requirements. For more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founders: Brian M. Moore, Scott Unger

Kahua is at the forefront of capital programs and construction project management, offering innovative technologies that change how these programs are planned and delivered. Led by founders Brian M. Moore and Scott Unger, Kahua has established itself as a leader in its field. Be sure to follow them on @kahuainc, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Zoox Smart Data

Founder: Rafael de Albuquerque

Zoox Smart Data is an innovative firm specializing in smart WiFi and biometric face recognition technology. Founded by Rafael de Albuquerque, this company has over 5,000 businesses using its solutions worldwide. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founder: Robert Holler

Next is VersionOne, a provider of a comprehensive agile management tool for software development. Since its inception in 2002, led by founder Robert Holler, the organization facilitates companies in envisioning and delivering excellent software. Visit them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founders: Alexander Kakunov, Alexi Lane

Everex is a rising star in the fintech space, providing innovative crypto-secured credit card and payment processing solutions. The company also offers applications for financial inclusion and Islamic banking. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founders:Mason Beard, Paul D. Taylor

Wellcentive takes the lead in providing cloud-based population health management and data analytics solutions, spearheaded by founders Mason Beard and Paul D. Taylor. Their solutions have significantly improved patient outcomes, underlining their value in the healthcare industry. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founders: Allen Boone, Andrew Brimer, Robert Bruckner

Simetric provides groundbreaking software offering real-time insights across connected devices, creating operational efficiencies for various industries. Keep track of Simetric on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founders: Kenneth Dawson, Robert Vale

ClearStar empowers employers and companies around the world by providing employment intelligence to confidently grow their teams. Check their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Activ Technologies

Founder: Jaymie Forrest

Activ Technologies is transforming processes with its cloud-based platform leading to effective management of end-to-end supply chain. Get updated about their news on LinkedIn.

OfficeSpace Software

Founders: Ashkon Sabet, Shamim Sahba

OfficeSpace Software offers a cutting-edge platform that helps companies manage both physical and remote workplaces. Explore their solutions via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founder: Ron Sewell

Last but not least is PayGo, a comprehensive solution provider for utility companies, built under the visionary leadership of founder Ron Sewell. Catch up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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