Leapdroid: Leading Android Emulator Innovations from Taipei’s Software Industry

When looking at the global software industry, Taiwan’s vibrant tech scene cannot be ignored. As the headquarters of a handful of successful tech companies, Taipei, T’ai-pei, brings together a diverse array of enterprises that are progressively shaping the future of the industry. This article highlights some of the notable companies operating in the software industry in Taipei.

From leading electronics manufacturers to edtech innovators, blockchain pioneers, and AI powerhouses, these companies are pushing boundaries and propelling Taiwan to the forefront of the global tech industry. Below, we explore these companies – shedding light on their journey, core offerings, and significant contributions to the software industry.

We begin this exploration with Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer, before diving into seven other fascinating examples of Taipei’s software companies.

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company. It’s the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer and the fourth-largest information technology company by revenue. The company serves primarily in Taiwan, with distribution centers in various key cities in Asia, Europe, and America. Find them on Twitter @foxconnoficial, Facebook here and Linkedin here


ITutorGroup provides online education platforms for students and business professionals. The company has various products targeted at English-language learning and Mandarin Chinese language learning. Keep up with ITutorGroup on Twitter @iTutorGroup, Facebook here and Linkedin here

Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol aims to address the misinformation problem on the internet using Web 3.0 technology. They’re creating immutable records on the Avalanche subnet and incentivizing users to verify authentic information. Find them on Twitter @numbersprotocol, Facebook here and Linkedin here

Profet AI

Profet AI is a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Connect with Profet AI on Twitter @aiprofet, Facebook here and Linkedin here


iKala provides AI-driven digital transformation and data-driven marketing solutions. They have served their technology to more than 700 enterprise customers across 12 industries. Get to know them on Twitter @ikalajpofficial, Facebook here and Linkedin here


91APP is a leading omni-channel commerce solution provider in Taiwan. They provide brand-own shopping app and websites for retailers. Connect with 91APP on Facebook here and Linkedin here


XRSpace provides a virtual reality-based social networking solution. They offer a social platform & a 5G-enabled VR headset that allows users to generate their true-presence avatar. Follow XRSpace on Twitter @xrspace_, Facebook here and Linkedin here


Jubo is Asia’s largest tech company dedicated to the often-overlooked market of senior care. Since 2019, Jubo has served its solutions to over 100 care centers, 10,000 residents, and 3,000 care professionals. Learn more about Jubo’s work by following them on Twitter @Jubohealth, Facebook here and Linkedin here

portto / Blocto

portto / Blocto aims to make blockchain simple for users and developers. Through its user-friendly blockchain application browser and wallet SDKs, portto has pushed it steps forward for blockchain use in real-life scenarios. Connect with them on Twitter @BloctoApp, Facebook here and Linkedin here


CoolBitX is an international blockchain security company building the next-generation infrastructure necessary to maximize digital asset adoption. They provide solutions for a rapidly-changing blockchain industry in order to foster the mass adoption of virtual assets. Follow CoolBitX on Twitter @coolbitx and Linkedin here


Health2Sync transforms your smartphone into a smart health monitoring machine. Their first product comes in the form of an app and accessory for smart blood glucose monitoring. Keep up with Health2Sync on Twitter @health2sync, Facebook here and Linkedin here

Situated in the heart of Taipei, these companies are achieving fantastic feats in the realm of software, showing what a marvelous crucible for innovation this vibrant city can be. As their contributions to the industry continue to impact individuals and businesses worldwide, we look forward to what the future holds.

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