Leapdroid: Pioneering Agile Software Solutions from Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Information Technology industry is thriving remarkably. A wide array of innovative companies, providing ground-breaking services and technologies, are operating their headquarters in this Latin American tech hub. From digital marketing and education to food delivery and banking solutions, these Argentinian pioneers are paving the way for a digital future.

One striking feature about these Buenos Aires’ IT companies is their focus on harnessing new technologies to create state-of-the-art solutions for various sectors. This focus extends to creating meaningful social impact, driving digital transformation, and enhancing customer experience through innovative solutions. This article is the first in a series that highlights such companies, heralding the progress of the IT industry in Buenos Aires.

Thus, let’s take a closer look at some of the outstanding companies hailing from Buenos Aires, capturing the essence of their operations and acknowledging their unique contribution to the IT landscape.

Digital House

Dedicated to training the future generation of digital professionals. Digital House, founded by Nelson Duboscq and Sebastian Mackinlay, offers comprehensive programs for aspiring coders and digital enthusiasts. Established in 2015, the company empowers its students to innovate, create, and bring their dreams into reality. Facebook | LinkedIn | @_digitalhouse


Guided by the mission to eradicate malnutrition, Nilus leverages technology to make healthy food affordable for low-income individuals. Granted life by Ady Beitler, German Sturzenegger, Karina Campos, and Nicolas Manes, Nilus seeks to revolutionize the food value chain through food rescue, disintermediation, and inclusive design. The company’s vision is quite ambitious, striving to become an impactful food company in the Americas. LinkedIn | @nilusglobal


Antonio Migliore, Juan Francisco Lago, and Marcos Amaro Detry co-founded Moova – a technology platform that connects E-commerce and retail sector with logistic solutions. This platform taps into idle last-mile logistic capacity and converts it into high efficiency and low-cost shipping solutions. By integrating route optimization software, real-time tracking, flexible warehousing, and analytics, Moova is driving the E-commerce industry in Latin America towards a more sustainable future. Facebook | LinkedIn


veritran was brought to life by Daniel Attar and Marcelo Gonzalez with the aim of speeding up and simplifying application development. The company uses its Low-Code Platform to weave exponential technologies into legacy systems, thus enhancing deployment times and cutting delivery costs. The platform is being utilized by over 50 clients, reaching 20 million users and safely handling 20 billion transactions annually. Facebook | LinkedIn


Focusing on digitizing the banking sector, Juan Bruchou and Pablo Sanchez founded Brubank, an app development company that creates customer-centric services for banks and financial institutions. Clients can effortlessly address their queries via phone, email, or online applications. Facebook | LinkedIn | @brubankarg


Co-founded by Franco Silvetti and Frank Martin, Restorando operates an online reservation platform set to enhance dining experiences. Its technology develops new sales channels for restaurants, simultaneously allowing consumers to make reservations online efficiently. Facebook | LinkedIn | @restorando


Brought to existence by Gaston Irigoyen, Hernan Corral, and Juan Fantoni, Pomelo provides fintech infrastructure and financial services. Its platform enables the launch of virtual accounts and the issuance of prepaid and credit cards by fintech and embedded finance players. LinkedIn | @pomelo_latam


Co-founded by Andrés Kirschbaum and Pablo Altamira, Producteca is a SaaS company that empowers businesses to manage their online sales across various marketplaces. The solution allows sharing the product catalog with retail clients, enhancing control over image, prices, and the entire online distribution chain. Facebook | LinkedIn | @producteca


Founded by Gonzalo Aguero, Worcket is a forward-thinking job search platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It aims to replace written resumes and job descriptions with video equivalent, serving as a fair hiring tool and enhancing opportunities for equal employment. LinkedIn


Brought to life by Francesc Font, Jorge Muller, and Nicolas Muller, BANDIT is an online recruitment platform that puts talent in the limelight, connecting innovative teams to build future solutions. Focused on providing companies with quick access to digital talents, BANDIT aims to accelerate the hiring process. Facebook | LinkedIn | @we_bandits

LESS Industries

Founded by Alberto Vaccaro, Andrei Vazhnov, Elvio Toccalino, and Sebastian Cerone, LESS Industries provides IoT solutions for remote and geographically dispersed areas. Its work is directed towards industrial IoT, offering innovative solutions for various industry needs. Facebook | LinkedIn | @LESSIOT

These diverse companies attest to Buenos Aires’ thriving and vibrant IT scene. With their commitment to innovation, digital transformation, and social impact, Buenos Aires’ IT industry promises to continue its journey towards a promising digital future.

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