Tokyo-Based Leapdroid: Innovating the Mobile App Industry from Japan

Tokyo-Based Leapdroid: Innovating the Mobile App Industry from Japan

Tokyo is not just the bustling center of Japan’s economy and government, but also a thriving hub for innovative technology corporations and forward-thinking startups that continue to pave the way for groundbreaking solutions in the App industry. Among the numerous companies that have made Tokyo their headquarters, there are a few noteworthy ones that continually grab the spotlight as they redefine the standards of their respective industries.

The realm of mobile apps and software platforms has seen a significant evolution in recent years, ranging from media and news apps to machine-learning, gaming, restaurant management, mobile payments, productivity tools, and even cryptocurrency. Tokyo, Tokyo, being the “Silicon Valley” of Japan, provides an ideal location and environment for these companies to create, innovate, and thrive.

Here, we will delve deeper into some of these enterprises, their origins, the services they offer, and what makes them unique among their competitors. Additionally, you will find the URLs which will take you to their official websites to explore further.


Founded by Kaisei Hamamoto and Ken Suzuki, SmartNews is an award-winning news app committed to providing users with quality news from around the world. It employs machine learning algorithms to evaluate tens of millions of articles, behaviors, and social interactions to deliver only the most interesting and important stories. With over 35 million downloads and offices located in Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York, SmartNews continues its dedicated commitment to bring quality information to its global user base.


Launched in September 2015, Andpad provides a construction management application for users throughout Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company offers its app as a comprehensive platform to manage construction projects.

Monstar Lab

Founded by Daniel Højris Bæk, Hiroki Inagawa, Richard Gill, and Yasuki Miki, Monstar Lab is a global digital consultancy. With a head office in Tokyo and branches in 26 cities and 15 countries worldwide, the company provides access to top talent and specialists, offering diverse services like co-working spaces, game development, and more.


Established in 2009, cocone develops and publishes mobile games and application services, including sites and apps to improve language knowledge and social networking. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

TakeMe Co., Ltd.

TakeMe is a Tokyo-based startup operating in the restaurant tech, payment tech, and fintech industries. Founded by Lu Dong, the platform connects merchants to the digital world without language, currencies, and payment barriers, and enables them to retain and understand customers.


Founded by ChaJin Park, Emma Kim, Hiroki Tanabe, and Norihiko Watanabe, TimeTree keeps families and groups organized. The company offers a platform for sharing calendars, events, and more.


Founded by David Zhang, BTCBOX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in Tokyo. The application is available in the App Store and Google Play, offering its users a seamless trading experience.


With a mission to empower restaurant operators worldwide, TableCheck, founded by John Shields and Yu Taniguchi, provides innovative tools for managing reservations and customer engagement.


Founded by Daiki Okai, Naomichi Okada, and Ryotaro Makita, Luup is the leading e-scooter and e-bike sharing service provider in Japan, operating in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama.


Established by Andreas Ueno-Olausson, Erik Ekstrand, Gustaf Tunhammar, and Peder Stubert, Virtusize provides a revolutionary service that aids online customers find their right clothing size by comparing a garment they are looking to buy with one they own.


Founded by Johnson Tanaka and Kato Naoto, Cluster allows anyone to hold events like live music and conferences in a virtual environment, providing an immersive and inclusive experience.

The Tokyo tech scene continuously vibrates with the vibrant spirit of innovation, with these companies leading the charge in their respective domains. As they continue to reshape their fields, they not only raise the bar for other startups and industry giants alike but also redefine how technology can revolutionize our everyday lives.

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