Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Design Solutions from Tokyo’s Tech Titans

In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, a thriving hub of groundbreaking companies are shaping the future of web design. Incorporating cutting-edge technology with bold, creative design, these innovative entities are leaving their mark on the digital landscapes of both Japan and the world at large. In this series, we delve into some of the standout Tokyo-based companies operating in the realm of web design, illuminating their unique offerings, talented founders, and ambitious goals.

The companies range from those specializing in specific areas like AR cloud platforms and blockchain technology, to all-round providers of mobile, web, and cloud-based solutions. No matter what their area of expertise, these companies share a collective dedication to integrating the latest technological advancements with user-focused design. Let’s take a closer look at each of these remarkable organizations.

Diverse and multifaceted, these companies not only contribute significantly to Tokyo’s economic landscape but also position the city as an international leader in the digital media and technology sectors. Despite their varying areas of interest and distinctive ethos, all these companies are united by their location and their passion for innovative and effective design.

Monstar Lab

Founded by Daniel Højris Bæk, Hiroki Inagawa, Richard Gill, and Yasuki Miki, Monstar Lab offers a vast array of products and services, all rooted in the company’s deep pool of global talent. Operating from its Tokyo headquarters, the company’s expertise spans Android solutions, Internet of Things technologies, iOS and Web Apps, and of course, web design. Visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for more information on their latest projects.


Co-founded by Hiroki Yamamoto and Sei Kobayashi, earlyworks is at the forefront of blockchain technology, working to foster high scalability and security across the sector. In addition to blockchain, they also provide solutions in finance and web design. Find more on their Linkedin profile.

Pretia Technologies

As an AR dedicated company, Pretia Technologies led by cofounders Yoshimi Li and Ushio Yu, is developing an AR cloud platform and AR entertainment for worldwide consumers. Check their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for updates.


Launched by Naofumi Tsuchiya, Goodpatch is a Tokyo-based firm specializing in user interface design for web companies. Visit their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages for more details.


Co-founded by Keima Kai and Yutaka Ishii, STUDIO provides a web design and development platform that allows users to build websites from scratch without any coding. Their AI-augmented design app enhances user design capabilities, simplifying complex tasks and ensuring seamless layout resizing. Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

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