Norway’s Leapdroid: Pioneering Advancements in Lysaker’s Information Technology Landscape


Located in Akershus, Norway, lies a technological hub – Lysaker. This area serves as the headquarters of numerous innovative companies operating in the IT industry. They range from data management to cloud services, from artificial intelligence to machine learning. All of these businesses form an integral part of the technological ecosystem, each contributing to continuous IT progress and development. This article is coherently designed to serve as an informative guide to each of these companies – their founders, descriptions, industries, locations, and more.


Founded by Fredrik Anfinsen, Geir Engdahl, John Markus Lervik, and Stein Danielsen, Cognite is a notable AI SaaS company that has been instrumental in supporting heavy-asset industries’ complete digital transformation globally. With their primary product, Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), industries can now effectively utilize operational and IT data to boost their applications’ efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Connect with Cognite on their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.

Magseis Fairfield

Magseis Fairfield ASA, conceived by Ivar Gimse and Jan B. Gateman, is an emerging international Ocean Bottom Seismic (“OBS”) company. Created to reshape the OBS market by cutting acquisition costs, Magseis has since 2013, amassed an impressive record with some of the largest oil and gas companies globally. Follow Magseis Fairfield’s LinkedIn profile here.

VirtualWorks Group

Co-founded by Ed Lacobucci and Erik Baklid, VirtualWorks has positioned itself as a leader in providing instant, secure access to enterprise information. This organization has expanded its model to accommodate smart knowledge discovery products and search solutions, primarily in the Nordics, Europe, and America. Stay updated with VirtualWorks Group’s news through their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


Aize provides innovative software and online tools capable of managing heavy business data and operations. Based in Lysaker, Norway Aize’s digital services interfaces for multiple users and data compilation connecting to co-workers. Connect with them on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn.

Nexus Group

Swedish-owned Nexus, focuses on developing identity and security solutions. It prides itself on effective and user-friendly technology ranging from e-commerce protection to the security of electronic services in the public sector. Follow Nexus’ latest updates on their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Lars Christian Fredenlund, CoBuilder is an IT solutions provider. It has made significant strides toward becoming a centralized system provider for EHS documentation and product data management in Norway. Stay in touch with the latest CoBuilder news on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Lars Johansson-Kjellerød and Robbert Desmet, Unicus offers a variety of IT services including data science, software development, and quality assurance of data. Get connected with Unicus on their LinkedIn.


Webstep is an IT consultancy firm founded by Jan Øveraasen. They specialize in developing high-end systems, integration architecture, and business intelligence solutions. Stay connected with Webstep on their Facebook and LinkedIn.

Liquid Barcodes

Liquid Barcodes was founded by a group of Nordic technology entrepreneurs in the early 2000s. The company is headquartered in Oslo, does business across the Nordics and has Global aspirations. Stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Digiflow offers an array of services tailored to the IT sector, with a focus on cloud data services and IT consulting. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Software Innovation

Software Innovation is the top company in the Scandinavian region developing and implementing solutions for Enterprise Information Management. With about 400 top-skilled professionals, they have managed to serve over 800 customers and 200,000 users. Stay updated with Software Innovation on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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