Leapdroid: Leading Mobile Software Innovations from Seongnam, South Korea

Seongnam, a city located in the province of Kyonggi-do, South Korea, is home to a vibrant and burgeoning mobile industry. From game developers to mobile app marketplaces, a multitude of companies are designing and launching innovative software and apps from this bustling metropolis. What’s more, these companies aren’t just servicing the South Korean market – they’re reaching out globally, transforming the mobile industry on an international scale.

Within the mobile industry, diversity and specialization abound. There are companies focusing on games of all sorts – from fantasy to RPG, on platforms including PC and mobile. Others are working in different sectors such as fintech, media, and entertainment. And some are even revolutionizing the way we access apps and software. Regardless of their specific focus, these companies all share a commitment to innovation, a passion for their work, and a drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the mobile world.

Below, you’ll find an introduction to ten such companies, all based in Seongnam, all making a significant impact in the world of mobile. Read on to get a glimpse into their operations, their achievements, and their contributions to our increasingly digital world.


Founded by Chang Byung-gyu, Krafton is a game developer specializing in fantasy games for PCs and mobile devices. The company’s dedication to game development is reflected in its name, which is derived from its slogan “keep the craftmanship on”. Connect with Krafton on @krafton_game and Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


WeMade, co-founded by Kwan Ho Park, is a dedicated global game developer and publisher. From its hit title “Legend of Mir 2” to dozens of other PC and Mobile based games, the company has been creating fun and engaging experiences for gamers since 2000. Connect with WeMade on @wemadegames and Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of founder Ryu Geum-tae, StudioBside has been making its name in the gaming and mobile apps industry. Connect with StudioBside on @studiobside_ and Facebook.

One Store

One Store is a South Korean phenomenon – a mobile app market allowing users to download apps limited to Korea only. Run by major mobile carriers and a tech company, it offers a range of games, apps, ebooks and video content to its 35 million members. Learn more about One Store on LinkedIn.

Super Creative

Founded by Hyeong-Seok Kim, Super Creative develops artistic and technologically advanced RPG games for mobile. Their major game, “Epic Seven,” is a fully animated mobile game with compelling stories and effects. Connect with Super Creative on Facebook.

Supreme Games

Supreme Games is a team of experienced game makers with backgrounds from top game makers in Korea like Webzen, Neowiz, and NC-Soft. The team specializes in developing Action RPG games.

Kakao Games

Founded by Kim Beom-Soo, Kakao Games is a subsidiary of Kakao, producing diverse genres of games for PC and mobile platforms. Connect with Kakao Games on Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


Founded by Jong-Min Cheong, HFR is a leading provider of network infrastructure equipment and services for carriers, enterprises, and data centers. With a focus on optical and radio networking technology, HFR provides simple, high performance, and cost-effective solutions. Connect with HFR on @hfr_resonant, Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Jay Hong and Ryan Uhr, Coinplug is a pioneer in blockchain-based solutions and services. With an impressive portfolio of over 300 blockchain patents, the company is innovating in the fields of Identity & Authentication, Payment Solutions and Assets Management. Connect with Coinplug on @coinplug, Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


Founded by Soo Bae in 2009, Loadcomplete is known for developing social and mobile games such as Tap Tap Heroes, Disco Panda, Bumping Bears, and Trino. Connect with Loadcomplete on @Loadcomplete, Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.


Founded by Jaehwan Park, Melephant is a startup specializing in media and entertainment-based mobile apps. Connect with Melephant on Facebook or learn more about the company on LinkedIn.

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