Madrid-based Leapdroid’s Impact on Machine Learning Industry Explored

Madrid-based Leapdroid’s Impact on Machine Learning Industry Explored

In the heart of Spain, nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Madrid, an innovative sector of machine learning companies has started to flourish. Tech firms ranging from startups to established enterprises have been developing advanced solutions powered by AI, ML, and big data. These companies offer industry-leading expertise across a broad spectrum that includes computing, robotics, digital marketing, and data visualization, among others. Let’s take a tour through some of these innovative machine learning companies that call Madrid home.

Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data, situated in Las Rozas De Madrid, is making strides in the fields of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, CRM, Machine Learning, and Robotics. Founded by Alvaro Costa, the company explores the infinite possibilities that data can unleash. For more details about Synthetic Data, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


Madrid-based Seedtag has pioneered advanced contextual advertising solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Founded by Albert Nieto, Jorge Poyatos, and Pablo López Torres, Seedtag empowers brands to engage their audience effectively in a privacy-first world. You can learn more about Seedtag on their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


Stratio is another critically acclaimed machine learning company based in Madrid, offering next-generation solutions in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Visualization. Founded by Ernesto Funes and Oscar Mendez, Stratio’s innovative services facilitate digital transformation and result in effective data management. Further details are available on Stratio’s LinkedIn page.


Argilla, headquartered in Madrid, focuses on providing state-of-the-art tech solutions for Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data, among others. Founded by Daniel Vila Suero and Francisco Aranda Montes, Argilla aims to optimize data labelling and improve the construction of NLP data sets. Visit Argilla’s LinkedIn page for more information., another Madrid-based firm, is reshaping the way support conversations are handled by automating tagging and repetitive actions using machine learning. Founded by Borja González, Enrique Fueyo Ramírez, and Jorge Peñalva, uncovers new patterns in data for more efficient customer interactions. More information is accessible on’s LinkedIn page.


Nextail is an AI-powered platform, aimed at optimizing the world of fashion merchandising through hyper-local demand forecasting and process automation. Founded by Carlos Miragall, Javier Lafuente García, and Joaquin Villalba, Nextail is headquartered in Madrid and brings a fresh perspective to the retail industry. Visit Nextail’s Facebook page or LinkedIn page for more details.


Based in Madrid, Analyticalways uses AI to increase retail sales and reduce overstocks. Founded by Amancio Junior, the company focuses on achieving more efficient omnichannel stock through innovative use of data. Additional information about Analyticalways is available on their LinkedIn page.

MMG – dezzai

MMG – dezzai, founded by Arni Giraldo and Luis Velasco Quijano, aims to facilitate access to medical information through artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Madrid, MMG – dezzai provides disruptive, globally accessible solutions applicable across different sectors. Learn more about MMG – dezzai on their LinkedIn page.


Marrying advanced technologies such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and computer vision with Machine Learning, ANYVERSE, founded by Victor Gonzalez, provides high-confidence synthetic datasets for next-generation perception systems. Visit ANYVERSE’s Facebook page or LinkedIn page for an in-depth look at their services.


Dive, a full stack AI company founded by Jose Luis Florez, enables businesses to create data-driven solutions quickly and economically. Headquartered in Madrid, Dive focuses on visual analytics, interactive applications, and value-added services. Visit Dive’s LinkedIn page for more information.


Madrid-based Smartvel employs artificial intelligence to deliver high-quality content when and where it’s needed. Founded by Esperanza Zarauz and Inigo Valenzuela, Smartvel helps companies convert, generate revenue and increase their presence through enriched content for the tourism, mobility, and fintech sectors. More information is available on Smartvel’s LinkedIn page.

The thriving hub of Madrid continues to bring forth groundbreaking innovations in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These companies exemplify the dynamic and cutting-edge expertise that drives this thriving tech ecosystem.

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