Leapdroid: Stockholm-Based Transformation in Machine Learning Industry

Leapdroid: Stockholm-Based Transformation in Machine Learning Industry

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is not only dominated by picturesque landscapes and historic sites but is increasingly becoming a hub for innovation and technological advancement. Known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe,” Stockholm is now a home to a variety of companies specializing in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors. In this article, we will take a detailed dive into some of these companies headquartered in Stockholm, paving the way for the future technology.

Stockholm houses a multitude of companies that are pushing the envelope in AI and Machine Learning applications, driving innovation across various industries. These companies leverage sophisticated algorithms, expansive data sets, and advanced computing capabilities to offer solutions that shape our reality. From AI-driven healthcare to AI-powered retail and entertainment technologies, machine learning is paramount in the development of these intelligent systems.

As we dive into each company’s profile, we will explore their dedication to innovating and revolutionizing the AI and Machine Learning industry. Reaping the benefits of these technological advancements, Sweden’s reputation on the global map for technological innovation continues to rise. Let’s take a look at these Stockholms-based companies that are paving the path forward in AI and Machine Learning.

Artificial Solutions

Founded by Johan A. Gustavsson, Johan Ahlund, and Michael Soderstrom, Artificial Solutions is a leading specialist in Conversational AI. Their flagship AI, Teneo®, allows businesses to create sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that can communicate in 86 languages across various platforms and channels. Its ability to analyze and make use of conversational data delivers profound insight into what customers are truly thinking. For more information about Artificial Solutions, visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Nectarine Health

Nectarine Health, founded by Alexander Asseily, is an AI-driven Swedish innovation company focused on improving the lives of elderly individuals wishing to maintain their independence at home. Nectarine Health’s AI system uses machine learning to provide caregivers critical insights and timely alerts, enhancing home healthcare service delivery. Check their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts for more details.


Co-founded by Luka Crnkovic-Friis and Måns Erlandsson, Peltarion provides a collaborative, graphical cloud platform for developing, managing, and deploying deep learning systems at scale. With over 300 companies using their technology, Peltarion is making AI technology accessible and affordable for all. Find more information on their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Furhat Robotics

Furhat Robotics, the brainchild of Gabriel Skantze, Jonas Beskow, Preben Wik, and Samer Al Moubayed, is revolutionizing the field of conversational AI and social robotics. With Furhat, machines can now interact with humans in the same way humans interact with each other. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages for more details.


Vionlabs, under the leadership of Arash Pendari and Klas Källqvist, has created a sophisticated video discovery platform. Through a recommendation engine powered by machine learning and computer vision, Vionlabs provides an improved viewer experience. Find out more about Vionlabs on their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Turbotic AB

Co-founded by Alexander Hannerland and Theodore Bergqvist, Turbotic AB helps businesses digitize their operations through a technology-first approach. Turbotic enables organizations to fully utilize automation and Artificial intelligence to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. For more information about Turbotic AB, visit their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Andreas Willgert, Formulate provides an AI-engine that transforms sales data into better merchandising decisions. Using machine learning and POS data, Formulate offers powerful competitive intelligence and analytics for retail businesses. Check their LinkedIn or Facebook pages for further details.

Logical Clocks

Co-founded by Ermias Gebremeskel, Gautier Berthou, Jim Dowling, and Mahmoud Ismail, Logical Clocks is dedicated to simplifying the process of refining data into intelligence at scale. Logical Clocks is behind Hops and Hopsworks, two prominent platforms for Big Data and AI. Find out more on their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.


Developed by Dan Song, Jakob Johansson and Kai Hubner, Gleechi is a Software Company that has developed a software solution for creating hand motion that can interact in real time. This software is of significant potential in games, virtual reality, and real-time interaction for robotic hands. Detailed information can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Skyqraft, founded by David Wickström, Sakina Turabali, and Umar Chughtai, is a visual data analytics provider adept at converting aerial grid images into powerful management information. By leveraging AI, Skyqraft offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for grid maintenance. For more details visit their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.


Founded by Daniel Carlman, Haibo Li and Shahrouz Yousefi, ManoMotion is a deep tech AI company. They have developed software for real-time 3D gesture analysis that allows the user to interact with technology through hand and finger gestures. Check their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages for more information.

Stockholm, thus, remains a crucial hub for companies operating in the Machine Learning industry. The future of this thriving and rapidly evolving tech sector, without a doubt, looks bright.

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