Leapdroid: Vienna’s Pioneering Force in Austrian Web Development Industry

Leapdroid: Vienna’s Pioneering Force in Austrian Web Development Industry

Vienna, Austria, is not only a city known for its cultural and historical heritage but also serves as a home to many innovative tech companies. These companies continue to shape Austria’s lively web development scene and are establishing their mark in the global tech industry. This article aims to highlight several tech companies based in Vienna that are making significant developments in the digital space.

Founders Liuba Rukhtaeva, Luliia Diachuk, and Nadya Ivanova are at the helm of, an e-commerce platform that offers a global stage for female startup founders to showcase their products and services. They bring unique AI, PR, and fashion components to the e-commerce business model and expand their business beyond Vienna, further reaching global markets.

HAKOM Solutions GmbH

Create by Stefan Komornyik and Thomas Hasleder, HAKOM Solutions is leading the energy industry’s technical innovations, specifically in time series management. Their linkedIn profile showcases a range of services including software, professional services, and support services.

Web & Co

Web & Co specialises in consulting, software, web apps, web design and web development. They’re known for their professional approach and top-notch services. Connect with them over Facebook and Twitter.

Sharobella – Webagentur & E-Commerce Experte in Wien

Founded by Michael Elyav, Sharobella specialises in creative digital marketing, web design, and e-commerce solutions. They excel in adopting modern and scalable technologies, providing first-class user experiences. More about Sharobella can be found on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Cybermoth’s expertise extends across artificial intelligence, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, UX Design, and web development. They’re making innovative strides and can be traced on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Galaktikasoft operates in various tech fields, like Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software, and Web Development. They strive to provide innovative software solutions. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.


Spinnwerk shines in fields of SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development. You can learn more about Spinnwerk’s projects on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or follow them on Twitter.


triGo, founded by Christian Hubinger, David Wippel, and Markus Dulghier, offers a wide array of software development services that aim to create user-centric software solutions. Stay connected with triGo on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


ANEX provides consulting, web design, web development, and web hosting services. Though they prefer to keep a low profile online, their robust suite of services ensures they stand out in Vienna’s tech scene.

Iphos IT Solutions

Iphos IT Solutions’ services stretch across data center, IT infrastructure, knowledge management, software, and web development, making them a comprehensive IT solution provider. They can be followed on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Noodles Agency

Noodles Agency is a leader in digital marketing and web development. They transform complex technical demands into individual solutions. For more information, check out their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.

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