Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation in Yokohama’s Electronics Sector

Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation in Yokohama’s Electronics Sector

In the heart of Japan, the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture is home to many impressive Electronic firms. From communication infrastructure specialists to manufacturers of medical equipment, these high-profile companies are playing pivotal roles in driving technological innovation worldwide. Here, we explore ten noteworthy organizations contributing immensely to the electronics sector, from their intriguing histories to cutting-edge specialties.

The innovative venture, EASEL, Inc. is up first. EASEL, co-founded by Kisanuki Yasushi, works towards providing powerful solutions in the Communications Infrastructure, Electronics, and Internet of Things spaces. From designing custom LoRa wireless modules to handling system development, EASEL does it all, focusing on product development and original design manufacturing (ODM).


Next, we highlight Macnica, a global leader in electronics and semiconductor technology. Macnica offers a wide range of products and services, from supplying semiconductor equipment and electronic components to providing advanced solutions with integrated circuits, memory devices, and more. Its extensive catalog helps the electronics and enterprise IT markets build diverse consumer and commercial electronic products.


JVCKenwood became a global manufacturer of electronics and entertainment products following the 2011 merger of Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation. They operate in several business segments, ranging from Car Electronics and Professional Systems to Optical & Audio, and Entertainment Software.

Zuken, Inc.

Zuken, Inc., founded by Makoto Kaneko, is a leading name in the fields of Consulting, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronics, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. They offer valuable software solutions and consulting services for electric and electronic engineering design, aiding in manufacturing processes across various sectors.

Innotech Corporation

Innotech Corporation operates mainly in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Software, and Engineering sectors. This firm provides advanced embedded software engineering services, including but not limited to, the import and sales of electronic design automation, electric components, and development of proprietary products.

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing specializes in providing railway signals, traffic control systems, and semiconductors. The company’s offerings entail quality train control equipment, detection equipment, block systems, field equipment, including traffic control systems and maintenance equipment.

Shibaura Mechatronics

Shibaura Mechatronics, manufactures and sells semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and sputtering systems. It also provides industrial automated systems, laser processing equipment, vending machines, performing regular maintenance, overhauls, machine management, and repair services.

Chip One Stop

Operating as an online distributor of electronic components, Chip One Stop plays a significant role in the Electronics and Semiconductor industries in Japan and beyond.

The Furukawa Battery

Next up is The Furukawa Battery, a manufacturer specializing in batteries. Its product range includes batteries for industrial use such as lead-acid storage batteries, alkaline storage batteries, and solar power generation systems for industrial use.

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited, another worthy mention, is a pure-play foundry company that utilizes 300mm wafer manufacturing facilities and offers high-quality technology and service, focusing on Ultra-Low-Power, Non-Volatile Memory, and RF Technology.

Techno Medica

Manufacturing medical equipment and clinical analyzers is Techno Medica. They offer cutting-edge analytical systems, including the RFID specimen information management system, RFID blood transfusion management and collation system, automatic blood collection tube preparation device, and blood gas analyzer.

From inventing novel solutions to solving complex challenges, these Yokohama-based electronics companies play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of technological progression. They serve as benchmarks, adding immense value to the world of electronics and beyond.

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