Leapdroid: Transforming Mobile Gaming from Berlin’s Tech Innovation Hub

Welcome to our series showcasing thriving software companies based in Berlin, Germany. As the technological landscape continues unabatedly towards digitalization and innovation, a growing number of pioneering enterprises are choosing to set up base in Berlin. This city boasts a pro-tech government, easy access to startup funding, and an endless pool of talent. Today, let us take the opportunity to venture into the operations of some of these organizations making waves in various software industries, ranging from graphic design to supply chain management and everything in between.


Founded in 2020 by Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul, Kittl is revolutionising the realm of graphic design with its intuitive online design platform. As content creators with a unique focus on precision editing, recoloring and clipping, among others, Kittl offers an easy-to-use platform, enabling creatives to create commercial designs of varying complexity. You can connect with them on their social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


With a vision to go beyond transport logistics, Forto offers groundbreaking, intuitive digital logistics technologies and services. With their global reach and the diversity and passion of their team, they ensure their customers optimize their supply chain processes. They’ve served over 2,000 customers worldwide and are highly active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Leapsome is committed to enhancing employee engagement through their performance management platform. By combining tools for Goal & OKR management, Instant Feedback & Praise and 1-on-1 meetings, they provide an integral solution for HR management to empower employees. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for recent updates.


With a mission to fuel football obsessions, OneFootball is a mobile sports media platform that provides a variety of football-related content, from live scores to breaking news, to over 70 million fans monthly. Their platform is available for download on Facebook, with other updates available on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Taxfix is a mobile app that simplifies the complex process of tax declaration, making it accessible to everyone. With Taxfix, tax returns are simplified and easily processed. Get the latest updates about Taxfix on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Rocket Internet

As a pioneer in global internet and technology, Rocket Internet develops and strategically invests in companies globally. Providing operational support to its companies and helping them scale internationally. You can find out more about Rocket Internet on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Providing a multi-mode journey planning tool, Omio empowers travelers to plan long-distance trips by comparing and combining different transport options. The platform estimates travel times, cost variations and more. Communicate with Omio on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Adjust is a mobile marketing analytics platform trusted by global marketers. The platform offers measurement and optimization solutions for campaigns, as well as data protection. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Enapter is an innovative energy tech company using modular electrolyzers for hydrogen generation. Their goal is to replace fossil fuels and combat global warming. Stay updated through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


As an AI-based tech company, Helsing aims to provide a comprehensive security framework for various operational environments. Their AI platform offers the clearest picture possible in any operation setting. To learn more about their progress, join them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


wefox is a digital insurance company that utilises a network of advisors to deliver personalized and efficient insurance solutions to its customers. They offer both native and third-party products and reduce customer acquisition costs, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing churn. Stay connected through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

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