Exploring Leapdroid: Chicago’s Innovative Force in Android Emulation Software

Exploring Leapdroid: Chicago’s Innovative Force in Android Emulation Software


Today, we’re casting the spotlight on several trailblazers in the software industry – each with its unique contribution to the technology landscape. From SaaS to AI, these innovators continue to set new standards in their respective fields. The best part? They all share a common home: the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. Here are the dynamic companies leading the charge in the ever-evolving world of software and apps.

While the city is known for its deep-dish pizza and impressive skyline, Chicago is also a tech hub, home to several prestigious software companies. These companies span a variety of industries from social media analytics to property management, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Chicago is populated with innovative tech players who are not just leading in the US, but globally.

As part of an ongoing series, we’re featuring some of these brilliant software companies that call Chicago their home. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the companies engineering the future with their innovative platforms within this industry. We invite you to dive deeper into their stories and discover more about their impact.

Sprout Social

Co-founded by Aaron Rankin, Gil Lara, and Justyn Howard, Sprout Social is a company committed to strengthening the communication between businesses and customers through their platform. This Chicago-based company specializes in analytics, apps, SaaS, social media, and software, providing businesses with the tools they need to build lasting relationships with their customers. Discover more about Sprout Social on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

SMS Assist

Founded by Michael Rothman and Stephen Watkins, SMS Assist is revolutionizing the facility services industry with its superb technology. With a national integrator featuring more than 40,000 unique customer sites under contract, SMS Assist is a force to be reckoned with in the facility and property management sectors. Uncover more about this innovative company on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Uptake Technologies

Founded by Bradley Keywell, Uptake Technologies is a prolific developer of a predictive analytics platform. The company uses AI and machine learning to analyze data to predict and prevent failures, uncover hidden profits, and discover new opportunities across multiple fields. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for more exciting developments.


Founded by Michael Elnick and Thomas Elnick, Tegus is an exceptional qualitative research platform designed for buy-side investors. Its cutting-edge, smart-searchable platform provides on-demand transcripts and custom calls, making investment analysis faster and more targeted. Get in touch with Tegus on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Roy Singham, Thoughtworks integrates strategy, design, and software engineering to enable global enterprises and technology disruptors to thrive as modern digital businesses. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for pioneering IT solutions.


Co-founded by Ablorde Ashigbi and David Vandegrift, 4Degrees aims to revolutionize professional relationships with AI-backed tools. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about how they are transforming the future of networking.


Founded by Andrew Sieja, Relativity has emerged as a major player in the software industry, helping users analyze data to discover truths and execute actions. Recognized repeatedly as one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces, Relativity’s services span e-discovery, enterprise software, legal tech, and more. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Basis Technologies

Shawn Riegsecker, the founder of Basis Technologies, leads the charge in creating cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising functions within enterprises. Check them out on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


LogicGate, co-founded by Dan Campbell, Jon Siegler, and Matt Kunkel, is a force to reckon within the risk management tech sector. With its Risk Cloud Platform®, LogicGate helps businesses proactively combat risk. Learn more about their transformative services on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook platforms.


Copado, co-founded by Federico Larsen and Philipp Rackwitz, is a DevOps platform leading the digital transformations on Salesforce. The platform helps to boost developer productivity and maximize the return on cloud investments. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Keeper Security

Keeper Security, co-founded by Craig Lurey and Darren Guccione, produces cybersecurity products that protect against password-related breaches. The company’s software is helping to boost employee productivity and meet compliance standards worldwide. Learn more about them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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