Leapdroid: Thriving App Development Powerhouse from Oklahoma City

Leapdroid: Thriving App Development Powerhouse from Oklahoma City

In the vibrant tech-scape of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, several companies have broken ground and created substantial footprints in the IT industry. This article will shine a light on a diverse array of enterprises offering unique services and making significant strides in their respective fields. From software development to biotechnology, the industries these companies operate in are vast. This piece of work vividly examines companies that call Oklahoma City home and will demonstrate why they are making a name for themselves in the IT and tech world.

The technological revolution of the 21st century has given rise to innovation in different sectors. There is an increasing demand for efficient and effective technological solutions to address various problems and improve service delivery in various industries. As a result, some companies have carved a niche in delivering valuable IT solutions that have impacted various sectors globally. Companies headquartered in Oklahoma City are not left out in this wave of technological revolution. These companies offer innovative tech solutions that have positioned them as key players in the global IT industry.

The companies we will be discussing are characterized by their diverse services, technological innovation, and commitment to delivering customer-centric services. Introduction aside, let’s delve into exploring these companies: Monscierge, Whiteboard CRM, Otologic Pharmaceutics, BlyncSync Technologies, InterWorks, Dobson Fiber, Meta Aerospace, ImageNet Consulting, Draft2Digital, Revenue Management Solutions, and Claimlogic.


Monscierge was established in 2009 by Marcus Robinson. The tech company specializes in developing elegant connections between guests, hotel properties, and their brands via its system called Connect. Connect solutions are designed for modern platforms like mobile, tablets, and large-format touchscreen devices. They also pride themselves on their custom solutions that address specific needs. You can connect with them via their socials: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Whiteboard CRM

Co-founded by Brian Bomar, Whiteboard CRM has garnered a reputation as one of the most innovative companies according to HousingWire Tech100 for the past two years. Their CRM service is created specifically for mortgage professionals to establish better relationships with clients and referral partners. Connect with them via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Otologic Pharmaceutics

Founded by David Karlman, Richard Kopke, Robert Floyd, Otologic Pharmaceutics, Inc. is dedicated to developing treatments for acute hearing loss. They aim to reduce the development of permanent hearing disorders. Find them on LinkedIn.

BlyncSync Technologies

Co-founded by Austin Green and Steven Kastelic, BlyncSync is a tech company with a focus on driver safety. Their tech solutions incorporate biometric information, crucial to driver safety and fleet management.


InterWorks, founded by Behfar Jahanshahi, is an IT outsourcing and business solutions provider offering a wide range of services from computer networking to graphic design. They stay in touch with their audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Dobson Fiber

Under the leadership of its founder, Everett Dobson, Dobson Fiber has consistently provided dependable technology services. Utilizing their fiber-optic network, they provide high-speed internet and cloud access. They are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Meta Aerospace

Operating in the Aerospace industry, Meta Aerospace has left its mark in the IT sector. You can find them on LinkedIn.

ImageNet Consulting

ImageNet Consulting provides IT solutions to optimize and enhance business processes. They stay connected with their audience via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Co-founded by Kris Austin, Draft2Digital is making strides in the publishing industry using IT. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Revenue Management Solutions

Revenue Management Solutions offers a technology-based healthcare remittance automation platform. They can be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by J.P. Davis, Claimlogic provides integrated revenue cycle management solutions and electronic transaction processing systems, serving the healthcare IT industry across the United States.

In conclusion, these innovative tech companies operate in various sectors, leveraging technology to optimize processes, solve problems and change the way we do business. While their industries may vary, their commitment to driving growth through technology is the common thread that binds them all. Oklahoma City is certainly a significant player in the IT industry, boasting companies that are not just impacting the city but also the world at large.

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