Leapdroid: Advanced Software Innovation from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

In the ever-developing software industry, the city of Saint Petersburg has been taking tremendous strides as startups in the sector continue to thrive. These forward-looking companies have been trailblazing a new direction for the market, bringing fresh features and exciting technologies. Here we look at some of these diverse companies, whose activities range from innovative apps for communication to remarkable advancements in the legal tech front, all based in Saint Petersburg.

These tech firms stand at the forefront of their respective industries due to their commitment to leveraging new software technologies and filling gaps in their markets. Amid a growing pool of startups, what sets these companies apart is their ability to anticipate customer needs and provide innovative solutions. Today we delve into an overview of these companies, their founders, and other relevant information.

In this exploration, we’ll study each company under individual subheadings to understand their contribution to the software industry. The appraisal will underscore their area of focus, their inception, amazingly unique approach to problem-solving and address their unique place in the industry.


LiveTex, co-founded by Dmitry Shklyar and Vladimir Bakuteev in 2010, operates an online communication platform that enables website owners to effectively interact with their visitors. With a variety of services, such as the Online Consultant, Lead Generator, Up From The Site, and Online Monitoring, LiveTex delivers a comprehensive solution to manage customer interaction. Join the conversation on LiveTex’s platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Founded in 2011 by Sergey Andreev and Valery Meshkov, is a legal tech company specializing in streamlining legal services. Their AI-based robot-lawyer aids in managing the flow of legal requests, providing highly efficient, accurate results. Connect with on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Established in 2013, Renga is a software company that has mastered 3D technology, architecture, and CAD. With their advanced Building Information Modeling, they offer powerful tools for designing buildings and structures. Engage with Renga on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Виктор Христенко, Muzlab is a music software that provides a unique blend of audio and music streaming. Follow Muzlab on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Ilya Anisimov, Nickolay Pushkin, and Sergei Grigorchuk, Cynteka designs software products that enhance document workflow efficiency. Stay updated with Cynteka on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dmitry Gorilovskiy, TapTap is a tech device designed to transfer touch between people over distances, acting as an activity tracker, game controller, or smart alarm. Follow TapTap’s activity on Twitter and Facebook.


Alexander Kaloshin founded Last.Backend with the intention of simplifying the operations of deployment for developers and their teams. Catch up with Last.Backend on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


VeeRoute, co-founded by Igor Kaloshin, Ilya Antipov, Mikhail and Vladislav Kudinov, is revolutionizing logistics optimization software and analytics solutions.


ZEVS, co-founded by Konstantin Klyuka and Vladimir Mlynchik, offers an IT-platform that revolutionizes electric vehicle(EV) charging, providing the monitoring, management, and secure billing of EV charging stations.


Co-founded by Denis Kostikov, Vyacheslav Kalaushin, and Yuri Smirnov, EdCAS provides a multi-faceted platform for personnel training, analytics, and tendering. Connect with EdCAS Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ubiq Mobile

UbiqMobile, co-founded by Andrey Terekhov, Valentin Onossovski, and Yuri Gubanov, provides a framework for mobile development to facilitate businesses in mobilizing their operations. Join the UbiqMobile community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these innovative companies continue to push the envelope in their respective markets, setting new standards for software and app development. Saint Petersburg City stands as a hotbed of innovation and a hub for software companies looking to make a mark in the industry.

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