Leapdroid Spotlight: Innovative Web Hosting Solutions from Miami Companies


This article is the first in a series celebrating web hosting companies headquartered in Miami, Florida. These businesses are creatively redefining the world of technology, creating opportunities and setting standards. Each company is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of merchants, enabling them to deliver superior products and services to their customers.

From managing cloud infrastructure and web hosting to developer APIs, these companies have drastically enhanced systems of communication between businesses and their customers. The shift towards online platforms has catapulted web hosting into one of the vital infrastructural necessities in today’s business world.

While each of these businesses is different in its products, services, outlook, and delivery methodology, they all share the common goal of using tech solutions to simplify and enhance every aspect of web hosting.

Hydra Host

Hydra Host is a tool that provides cross-cloud capabilities to deploy and host apps across public and private cloud providers. In addition to cross-cloud capabilities, Hydra offers high-level advisory, as well as expert implementation work with bespoke service engagements catered to client priorities. Whether security, resilience, or scale-focused, Hydra Host undoubtedly pacesetter in the world of web hosting. Find them on LinkedIn.


Ken Reimer, one of the co-founders of Eco, seeks to provide tools and services to merchants. The aim is to ensure an in-depth understanding of customers while delivering superior products and services. Eco’s SaaS suite offers features such as customer satisfaction management, online reputation management, feedback management, and rewards loyalty systems. The company compels by providing cutting-edge solutions to the market place.


ColoHouse boasts of a digital foundation that connects their customers with impactful technology solutions and services. Their Facebook and LinkedIn keep up with the digital pace, all while complimenting their business and providing more insights into their company.


Founded in 2001, DataCrunch provides hosting solutions coupled with excellent design and implementation services. Its datacenters in the U.S. and Canada, multiple points of service connectivity through partnerships with all major backbone providers ensure top-notch service delivery.

[]( is widely considered to be a comprehensive college database of online colleges. The company prides itself on its useful student advice blog, online degree tools and other fantastic free resources. It is, therefore, not surprising that is a favorite among today’s students and adults seeking a better life. For more information, check their LinkedIn page.


ServerPronto, launched in 2003, offers dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions. Starting at just $39.95 per month, they offer dedicated stakeholders a variety of Linux and Windows servers with sizeable storage and traffic capacities. For more, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


As a web design company, Jorbox offers services to small and mid-sized businesses by focusing on an open-source solutions provision. Jorbox is the perfect place for businesses seeking custom web design services.

DSL Telecom

DSL Telecom stands as the leading PBX Company in Cape Town. They focus on supplying tailor-made PABX telephone systems, enabling businesses to connect to their customers reliably and cost-effectively. Check them out on Facebook.

Design House

Design House is a tech powerhouse in digital marketing, consultancy, web hosting, and social media management. For additional information about this dynamite company, visit their LinkedIn page.

GO4 Technologies

Under consultancy, Email, Software and Web Hosting, GO4 Technologies is certainly a must-visit. More about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Venezuela Hosting

Operating in the domain of Cloud Data Services, Domain Registrar, Email, and Web Hosting, Venezuela Hosting is indeed a game-changer. Learn more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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