Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Technology from Asheville’s Silicon Valley

Asheville, North Carolina is a hub for companies in the software industry. From health care and fitness to music and vocational training, these companies are revolutionizing their sectors using software technology. The combination of a strong local talent pool, coupled with attractive business incentives and a growing tech ecosystem, has made Asheville an exciting place for software companies to set up operations. These companies have also been able to achieve international recognition, strategic partnerships, and impressive growth due to the conducive business environment Asheville provides. The following are some companies that have made Asheville, North Carolina their headquarters.

Elite HRV

Elite HRV was founded by Alyssa Moore, Jason Moore, and Vivek Menon to provide real-time biomarker insights serving various applications like stress, fitness, wellness, and health care. Their state-of-the-art patented technology is already being utilized by prominent sports teams, executives, clinics, and over half a million individuals across the globe. You can connect with Elite HRV through their social media platforms, @elitehrv on Twitter, Facebook, or check them out on LinkedIn.

Galaxy Digital

At the heart of Asheville is Galaxy Digital, a company founded by Doss Church and Jim Nimblett. They stand at the intersection of technology and social impact, offering services for non-profits, healthcare organizations, and small businesses. Their mission is centered around building stronger communities through simple technology. You can find Galaxy Digital on Facebook, and LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter at @GalaxyDigital.


Changing the narrative in the Cloud Computing industry, GRAVITL, was founded by Alex Feiszli. The company is particularly focused on Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, and Cloud Security. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Ilumivu, co-founded by Katherine Houghton and Mark Tuomenoksa, is a key player in the healthcare tech ecosystem. They provide healthcare decision support applications and deliver adaptive interventions based on individual baselines to improve patient care outcomes. You can follow them on Twitter, connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cloud for Good

Focusing on the Non-Profit and Higher Education industry, Cloud for Good was founded by Tal Frankfurt. They specialize in donor management, case management, and marketing automation. Join their journey on Facebook, follow them on @cloud4good on Twitter or check out their LinkedIn.


Established by Russell Buchanan, HomeGauge is a company that offers home inspection software and internet tools. HomeGauge is particularly useful to home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

ACF Technologies

ACF Technologies was created by Jan Opalka, focusing on customer flow management in a service environment. They are a market leader in customer experience solutions. Discover more about ACF Technologies on their Facebook page, follow them on @ACF_Tech on Twitter, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Russ Steinhour and Troy Tolle, DigitalChalk provides an e-learning software platform enabling the creation and delivery of online training courses. Learn more about their work on their Facebook page, get their latest updates on @digitalchalk on Twitter, or explore their professional journey on LinkedIn.


SimpleTix, an Event Management company started by Aron Kansal, aims to professional-grade ticketing application to venues. For more details about SimpleTix, check their Facebook page or follow them on @simpletix on Twitter.

Moog Music

Moog Music is a company that thrives at the juncture of music and technology. They explore limitless electronic sound and fuel creativity in musicians. Find out more about Moog music on their Facebook page, follow them on @moogmusicinc on Twitter, or engage with them on LinkedIn.

Geriatric Practice Management

Geriatric Practice Management is another significant player in Asheville’s landscape, working specifically in the Medical Software industry. To learn more, check their Facebook page, follow their updates through @gpm_corp on Twitter, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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