Leapdroid: Seattle’s Pioneering Database Software Innovating the Tech Industry


The Database industry is flourishing in Seattle, Washington, United States. This article will feature some remarkable companies in Seattle working in this industry. All of these companies use high-end technologies and innovative ideas to bring improvement in the database and software field. The sole purpose is to design better solutions for problems business face these days.

These companies are making a significant contribution to the tech industry in Seattle and worldwide. They are cracking hardest problems of software and infrastructure, and helping industry to advance into new horizons of technology. They are assisting in the field of analytics, computer, big data, internet, financial services, biotechnology, and much more.

In this article, I will provide a brief overview of the companies along with some useful details. It will include their field of work, their founders, a brief introduction of companies, and how to reach them through social media platforms or web.


MotherDuck, based in Seattle, is an analytics and database company currently operating in stealth mode focused on data infrastructure and analytics. The company was founded by Jordan Tigani, Leila Horejsi, Ryan Boyd, and Valentino Tereshko. You can follow MotherDuck on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Transpose, a Seattle-based company, provides software for structuring data and bringing enterprise-level technology in user-friendly format. It was founded by Hussein Ahmed, Matt Goyer, Samah Gad, and Skyler Johnson-Wagner. Connect with Transpose on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Fragment is a software company that provides double-entry accounting built for engineers. Founded by Omi Reza Chowdhury and Thomas Neckel, this Seattle-based company has made a name for itself in the financial services and the database industry. Follow Fragment on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Datamode provides a platform for data engineers to monitor and understand the context of each pipeline task. It was established by Andrew Kim and Vaughn Koch in Seattle. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks, a Seattle-based organization working in the database field, focuses on complex biological data, gathered, shared and used for better diagnosis. This firm was founded by Eric Schadt and Stephen Friend. Connect with Sage Bionetworks on Twitter, on Facebook or through LinkedIn.


Based in Seattle, Greptime works on time-series data for industrial services. It offers quality database services and solutions for massive amounts of data. They are providing their services on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Development Gateway

Development Gateway excels in making development data easier to gather, analyze, and understand. This Seattle-based company services in the field of Agriculture, Data Center, Database, Information Services, and Software. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jay Bartot in 1998, AdRelevance specializes in the automated delivery of online advertising data. Being in the database industry, AdRelevance supplies intelligence on competitors and potential clients’ advertising activities.

Entree AI

Entree AI is an interesting blend of technology and gastronomy. This Seattle-based company specializes in food and beverage, nutrition, and speech recognition. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Rakuten PopShops

Rakuten PopShops is a product datafeed aggregator. They have a database of affiliate retail products. Publishers, developers, and website builders find this Seattle-based company very useful. They are available on Facebook and Twitter.

Big Water Consulting

Last but not least, Big Water Consulting is an organization based in Seattle, which provides consulting through data collection, analysis, GIS mapping, and utilization. They also can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

All these tech organizations based in Seattle are contributing to a smarter and better-connected world. Their innovative ideas, technologies, and solutions are providing business with profound insights and helping them make informed decisions.

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