Leapdroid: Leading Nashville’s Innovation in Digital Media Software Solutions

Today, we are putting the spotlight on an eclectic mix of innovative companies at the forefront of digital media with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. These companies are establishing a strong presence in various industries including Internet, Social Media, Music, Advertising, Health Care, Renewable Energy, and Brand Marketing. Despite their diverse sectors, they are united by their common goals of leveraging the power of digital media to drive development and growth within their respective industries.

Notable among these companies are those that are offering unique solutions to contemporary challenges within the digital media industry. Be it content curation, advertisement networks, music distribution, or content delivery, these companies represent the vibrant, innovative spirit characteristic of the Digital Media industry in Nashville. Let us delve in to discover more about each of these pioneering companies.

Nashville’s eclectic range of start-ups and established corporations engaging with digital media mirrors the city’s blend of traditional and modern culture: from the rich heritage of country music to the burgeoning tech scene. This diversity makes the city an exciting hotbed for innovation.


Parler has made its mark as a viewpoint-neutral social media platform where people are free to listen, speak, and express themselves. The company, founded by Jared Thomson, John Matze, and Rebekah Mercer, thrives on its mission of making freedom of expression, security, and privacy a reality through social media and blockchain technology. Parler stands as a beacon for the right to free speech, with over 16 million users across the globe leveraging its platform. Follow Parler on Twitter and Facebook.

Concord Music Group

Under the leadership of Founder John Burk, Concord Music Group has been revolutionizing the music industry as a record label company that manages recorded music activities and publishes music. Having a diverse range of music labels including Concord Records, Concord Jazz, Fantasy, Rounder, and Stax, the company has significantly expanded the music touring experience for artists and bands. Visit them on Facebook.


In the industry of advertisement networks and digital media, Spiny stands out for its innovative solutions. With its founder Nana Bonsu Nyantekyi at the helm, Spiny combines advanced analytics for content creators and innovative techniques in business intelligence. Learn more about their offerings on Linkedin.


Co-founded by Douglas Colbeth, MedCircle is an intelligent mental health information delivery service. Using advanced ML, AI, and NLP technologies plus human intelligence, MedCircle delivers accurate and relevant content on focussed mental health topics to its users. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

1Vision Media

1Vision Media, founded by Jason Atkins, offers professional production values to educational institutions enabling corporate partners with high-quality activations with engaged audiences. Find out more on Linkedin.

Solar Site Design

Solar Site Design is leading the field in renewable energy and digital media. Founded by Jason Loyet and Samantha Loyet, the company offers a cloud-based solution for solar professionals worldwide. Stay connected via their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.


Scorebird delivers live streaming scores directly to mobile devices, a service developed by founders David Andrews, Jason Damewood, Josh Yockey, and Steve Andrews. Stay updated via their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.

Dart Music

Founded by Chris McMurtry, Dart Music has revolutionized the music industry with its automated digital distribution platform designed to handle the complex metadata of genres such as classical music. Connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

American Hometown Media

American Hometown Media founded by Dan Hammond, celebrates everyday American home cooks making them the celebrities on their internet platform. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Using powerful tools developed by founders Brendan Biryla, Marty Collins, Paul Mijac, and Todd Coulter, EyeBuy helps brands and producers monetize content and engage audiences. Stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Rebel Labs

Co-founded by Charles Haston, Dan Dieffenbach, and David J. Whelan, Rebel Labs leads a science-based revolution in the wellness arena, seeking to wipe out obesity and type 2 diabetes. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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