Leapdroid: Rising Software Giant from Vaughan, Ontario’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Rising Software Giant from Vaughan, Ontario’s Tech Hub

Headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, are several innovative software companies creating cutting-edge technologies and applications. This article focuses on these companies, which span several industry sectors, including B2B, Cyber Security, e-commerce, Health Care, and Information Technology, among others. Each of these technology firms contributes to the burgeoning tech hub in Vaughan, further cementing Ontario’s reputation as a global destination in contemporary tech innovation.

Consider this first a primer, an introduction to ten companies leading the way in their respective areas. However, it is also a recognition of the thriving technology industry in Vaughan, a mini-map pointing to companies defining Vaughan’s tech ecosystem today, and ones speculating on its future. The details offered for each company include a basic overview, website links, and social media handles.

From these profiles, you will note the rich diversity in the kind of work these companies are doing—reflecting the great opportunities available in Vaughan today. So without further ado, here is an overview of companies that are on top of their game.


By developers, for developers, Triangle is a pioneering company in the realm of Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Mobile Payments, NFC, Professional Networking, and E-Commerce. They provide a free card scanning API that aims to eliminate the hassle of card entry at the checkout. Though the founders remain anonymous, the company continues to propel its industry forward. Stay updated with them @_triangle.


Security is at the heart of Cyberspace. Parabellyx, co-founded by Alexander Poizner and Eric Matthews, is an app-centric security firm. Parabellyx devises cyberstrategies to protect businesses’ applications throughout their entire lifecycle. Whether on-premise or on the cloud, they cater to ensure optimal security. Learn more about Parabellyx on LinkedIn here.

BHI Technologies

BHI Technologies, founded by Bernard Engelhardt, provides healthcare and IT solutions that make life easier and work more productive. They specialize in iPhone app development, bringing innovative products that aim to simplify tasks and enhance productivity.

Upstream Works Software

For companies focused on enhancing their customer service experience, Upstream Works Software, founded by Rob McDougall, is a perfect fit. They provide contact center technology helping businesses track and manage customer interactions across any communication channel. Their solutions range from analytics services to multi-channel routing capabilities. You can stay connected with them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


From start-ups to fortune 500 companies TechBlocks, founded by Prashant Kumar, acts as a digital engineering and digital transformation partner. They believe in a customer-first approach. They are built with one goal—To provide an optimal user experience through digital transformation and product engineering. Connect with them on Twitter @techblocks, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


Specializing in hardware and software procurement, IT consulting, and managed IT services, SolutionStack is committed to minimizing costs, reducing downtime, and maximizing business productivity. Connect with them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Avaal Technology Solutions

Avaal Technology Solutions is making waves in the field of Software and Transportation. You can keep in touch with them on Twitter @avaaltech, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Obero SPM

Obero SPM, founded by Harjot Ghai, is a provider of an innovative Sales Performance Management solution that supports the entire sales lifecycle. Their solution is designed exclusively for the subscription industry. Connect with Obero on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Teknicor Corporation

Teknicor Corporation operates at the intersection of Information Technology and Software, providing comprehensive solutions. Stay updated with Teknicor on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.


Providing solutions in cloud management, consulting, information technology, and software, TECHCOM leads the way in their industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn here.

Delbridge Solutions

Delbridge Solutions is empowering organizations in the realm of information technology and services. LinkedIn here.

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