Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation from Quito, Ecuador’s Tech Hub

The thriving software and apps industry in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador is home to several innovative and influential companies, many of which are making significant contributions to the global tech scene. From SaaS specialists to telematics developers, these Quito-based businesses showcase Ecuador’s considerable tech talent.

The following companies are not only leaders in their respective fields but are also driving technological advancement in the broader region. Whether they are revolutionizing logistics, streamlining manufacturing, or overhauling the financial services landscape with cutting-edge solutions, these organizations are at the forefront of Quito’s tech revolution.

Below, we explore some of the key players in Quito’s software and apps scene, uncovering their unique stories, areas of expertise, and their contributions to the global tech industry.


Founded by Paúl Alejandro Rivera Tello, Wiibiq operates in the industrial, logistics, SaaS, and software sectors. While information regarding the specifics of the Wiibiq operation is limited, what is known underlines their commitment to innovation and efficiency within their industry sectors. To learn more, find them on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter @wiibiq.


COGNITIVA | DATIVA, also founded by Paúl Alejandro Rivera Tello, is a consulting firm providing SaaS solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies. Offering real time data and insight on productivity, quality, traceability and inventory via its WEB APP and MOBILE APP, the company supports these sectors in optimizing their operations. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

Location World

Helmed by Benny Saada and Daniel Weinmann, Location World is a leading name in the software industry, developing telematics services and new business models through the Internet of Things (IoT). Their multifaceted SaaS and PaaS solutions serve a broad range of industries, including automotive, transportation, security, logistics, and insurance. Learn more on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Netlife Ecuador

With Kazuhiko Shiga at the helm, Netlife Ecuador serves the digital media, internet, software, and telecommunications sectors, while also providing web hosting services. Further information about the company is scarce, although it is better understood by exploring its social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, or by following @netlifeecuador on Twitter.

Fisa Group

Fisa Group is known for providing integrated technology solutions for the financial services industry and banking. With over 20 years’ experience and a portfolio boasting over 100 projects in 9 countries, Fisa Group’s innovative solutions adapt to individual business requirements. Follow @FisaGroup on Twitter, find them on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Operating within the apps, information technology, software, and web development industries, Bayteq is renowned for its dedication to innovation and user-centric approach. For more on Bayteq, visit their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter @bayteq.

Stack Builders

Stack Builders, founded by Lori Leitgeb, is a full-service software consultancy specializing in Ruby on Rails development. The company provides both domestic and offshore services, and is known for delivering elegant, efficient software solutions. Find out more on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @stackbuilders.


Operating in the Human Resources, Information Technology, and Software sectors, specifics about Motivy are limited, with information about its operations, activities, and founders not publicly available.


In the realm of Information Technology, IT Management, and Software, Comware plays a fundamental role. While details on Comware’s operations are scant, their commitment to technological advancement is clear. For more information, follow them on Twitter @COMWARE_ec, and check out their social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ramiro Estrella, Siccec operates in the e-commerce and software industries. The company specializes in management solutions for credit negotiations, aiming to add value to their client’s operations through innovation, transparency, and productivity. Siccec boasts proprietary technology platforms and a multidisciplinary team with over 25 years of experience.


Last but not least, TE UNO is a distinguished player in the software industry. Although available information is limited, the company’s cutting-edge innovation can be better understood on their social media platforms. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Each of these organizations is a testament to the vibrant and innovative software and apps scene in Quito, Ecuador. They are not just contributing to the local tech industry, but are making an impact on a global scale, showcasing the potential and talent found in Ecuador’s capital.

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