LeapDroid: Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming from Wellington’s IT Hub


Welcome to the buzzing tech-hub of Wellington, New Zealand, home to a growing number of innovative IT companies. These companies are not just contributing to local economy and employment, but they are also solving complex challenges and revolutionising sectors along the way. In this article, we feature some of the most impressive tech companies whose headquarters are located in Wellington and provide you with a glimpse into what they do.

From sustainability software to sporting apps, and from advanced web security solutions to decision-making tools that are making waves around the globe, these companies are putting Wellington firmly on the world’s tech map. We will present a brief profile on each of these enterprises along with relevant links where you can find out more.

Let’s teleport ourselves to New Zealand’s vibrant capital city, and discover how a pool of talented tech entrepreneurs are creating innovative platforms, building user-friendly apps and writing the future of Information Technology.


Cogo derives its force from building sustainability solutions that empower consumers & businesses to measure, improve and compensate their impact on the world. The Cogo APIs, powered by world-class sustainability data and cutting-edge behavioural science, can seamlessly integrate Cogo smarts into your digital experience. You can follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


CricHQ, Founded by a group of international cricketers and technologists, CricHQ provides a technology platform specific to cricket to digitise and streamline administrative tasks and processes. With customers including 54 National Governing Bodies, 350 associations and millions of players and fans, CricHQ has redefined how cricket is administered, analysed and followed. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @CricHQ.

RedShield Security

RedShield Security boasts one of the most effective web-application defence systems available today. They employ an advanced shielding technology to create custom shields for every application vulnerability, without requiring a single update to your back-end code. Learn more about their services on their LinkedIn page.


SuiteFiles is an easy-to-use file management software, tailored for small-medium businesses and accountants. The company provides an easy, accurate and incredibly fast migration process for your files. You can connect with SuiteFiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @suitefiles.

Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers makes it easier for you to support businesses that align with your values. Their accreditation programme and Good Spend Counter help track collective impact. You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @Conscious_NZ.

Horizon State

Horizon State is an electronic voting platform using blockchain technology, revolutionising the way decisions are made within large populations. Forming a new bridge between governments, corporates and other organisations to individuals, the Horizon State platform paves the way for secure, anonymous and economical sensitiv…

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