Exploring Leapdroid: Chicago’s Pioneering Force in Electronics Software Industry

Exploring Leapdroid: Chicago’s Pioneering Force in Electronics Software Industry

Chicago, known for its impressive skyline and renowned deep-dish pizza, is also home to some of the leading companies in the Electronics industry. These organizations have contributed significantly to areas such as Information Technology, Mobile Technology, Public Safety, Communications Infrastructure, and beyond, making Chicago a key player in the tech industry. This article will introduce you to some of Chicago’s most impactful Electronics industry companies, highlighting their remarkable innovations and the technological revolution they champion.

Motorola Solutions

Founded by James O’Connor, @MotoSolutions is a ground-breaking global communications and electronics company that specializes in delivering unparalleled mission-critical communication solutions and services for public safety and commercial consumers. Whether in law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, ubiquitous national security, utilities, mining, energy, manufacturing, hospitality, or transportation industries, Motorola Solutions is charting the way towards safer, thriving communities. Other platforms related to the company include Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Michael E. Werner, Simon Weaver, Stephanie Werner Payen, and Vincent Payen, @Homex is a revolutionary Home Services platform designed to enhance both homeowners and service providers’ experiences. The company seeks to eradicate the complexities obscuring the home services sector, making it easier for homeowners to access prompt, trusted heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical solutions. Also, connect with the company via LinkedIn and Facebook.


@shoprunner is a membership-based online shopping platform founded by Luccile Logan and Rick Fawcett. Here, you can enjoy free shipping and returns, coupled with an easy payment option at over 100 premier online retail stores. Apart from the company’s LinkedIn, ShopRunner’s Facebook account is another platform for connecting.


Motorola is a brand synonymous with quality digital communication solutions. Whether it’s smartphones operating on the Android system, feature phones, media tablet devices, wireless accessories, or monitors, Motorola has it covered. Keep up with Motorola on their Facebook, LinkedIn or @motorola.


When Mike Casper, Shawn Pucylowski, and Tony Nichol joined forces, they created @azumotech. This company is innovating the lighting and display industry with its high-efficiency durable displays.


John Renaldi and Roger Ady founded @jiobit, the smallest and longestlasting tracking solution in the world. Its cutting-edge technology is not only leveraging public safety but is also revolutionising the machine learning and hardware industry.


Bill Fienup and Haven Allen, spearheaded the founding of mHUB, an independent hardtech and manufacturing innovation centre. Since 2017, mHUB has been convening the entrepreneurial ecosystem around product innovation ensuring the manufacturing industry’s consistent growth and acceleration.


@ScoutAlarm is an innovative home security system founded by Daniel Roberts and Dave Shapiro. Using cutting-edge technology, Scout provides a convenient user interface and remote access to make home security simple and efficient.


Founded by Ercan Erciyes and Semih Hazar, @getmonument is a smart storage solution for personal photos and videos that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse and organise them effectively.


Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin, the founders of Tanvas, are transforming the way we interact with touchscreens. Using surface haptics technology, TanvasTouch provides a tactile response that goes beyond traditional screen vibrations, introducing a new dimension to digital interactions.


Callpod, a mobile apps developer company founded by Craig Lurey, Darren Guccione, is known for its innovative applications for iOS users, such as ‘Keeper’. These apps allow users to easily manage their passwords and private information across all their iOS devices. You can follow them on twitter through @CallpodMobile.

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