Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Emulation in Des Moines’ Tech Sector

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Emulation in Des Moines’ Tech Sector

While most might not associate the tech industry with the middle of America, Des Moines, Iowa might just surprise you. This Midwest city is home to a thriving tech industry, with numerous innovative companies operating in the Information Technology sector. From digital media and software development to artificial intelligence and telecommunication solutions, the technology landscape in Des Moines is as diverse as it is groundbreaking. Let’s take a look at some of the companies making strides in the IT sector right in the heart of Iowa.

Hummingbirds dove headfirst into the digital media and IT sectors by creating a marketplace where brands can connect with local content creators and influencers. Hummingbirds allows for efficient campaign creation and collaboration between brands and their content creators, affectionately named ‘hummingbirds’. Providing localized content while employing technology to streamline the process sets this company apart.

Workflows are streamlined and productivity is maximized for today’s marketing and creative teams with Workgroups DaVinci. Recognizing the need for resourceful solutions in digital media, finance, IT, marketing, project management, and software domains, Workgroups DaVinci was initiated.

Gain Compliance proves that insurance and software are an excellent match. The co-founders, Burch LaPrade, Jason Jones, and Steve Siegel, initiated this Des Moines company to modernize financial reporting. Its products include Notes, compatible with other available filing software, and a full Annual Statement Software Package. Being fully cloud-based, it allows for hassle-free updates and requires no IT involvement.

Moving on from software to hardware, American Business Phones offers comprehensive telecommunication solutions including network hardware, network security, and optical communication services. Their aim is to provide reliable, secure, and state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions.

AI is being embraced at InfraLytiks, an engineering and data analytics company. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, InfraLytiks is automating processes that previously required extensive manual input.

One of the leaders in the IT services sector in Des Moines is LightEdge Solutions. Offering a portfolio of services from premier colocations to leading-edge private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud platforms alongside global security and compliance measures, it’s one of the go-to places for dependable IT solutions.

Aureon offers business solutions that span across consulting, human resources, and IT. Providing custom and scalable business support services for organizations of all sizes and sectors, Aureon has been assisting numerous companies to achieve productivity and efficient operations.

Systems integration services are taken care of by Control Installations of Iowa. Since its founding in 1983, CI3 has been providing installation services ranging from HVAC control systems to building card access control systems and video security. Their software applications and integration skills are tailored for a variety of different security and control systems.

Paragon IT Professionals takes the burden of IT staffing off others’ shoulders. This company marries IT with human resources to provide staffing solutions to various organizations. Their knowledge of the local market and two-decade-long experience make them one of the top choices for IT staffing.

Mumo Systems specializes in Atlassian consulting, add-on development, best practice implementation, migrations, managed services, training, and license sales. Striving to streamline processes by improving efficiency and reducing waste, Mumo Systems participates in the IT, software, and CRM industries.

Lastly, VolunteerLocal leverages technology to build communities. Being a pioneer in the software and IoT industries, it provides an easy way for volunteers to connect with events in their local community, and efficient tools for event organizers to manage their volunteers and coordinate their events.

These Des Moines-based tech companies are not only enhancing their city’s economy but are also playing a pivotal role in advancing the entire IT industry. They stand as a testament to how vibrant and innovative the tech landscape of the Midwest can be.

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