Denver’s Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Hosting Solutions in Software Landscape

Denver, Colorado, known for its scenic mountains and a love for the outdoors, is also a hub of technological innovation. Rich with a diverse array of tech startups, it also hosts many pioneering companies in the web hosting industry. Read on to learn about companies that have firmly established Denver as a national cornerstone of digital enterprise.

From empowering remote workforces to providing vibrant web presence solutions, Denver-based companies are meeting a wide range of customer needs. They operate in industries as broad as cloud computing, IT, e-commerce, SEO, and specialized web hosting solutions, amongst others.

In this article, we highlight these companies who call Denver their home and have made a significant impact on the tech landscape with their innovative ideas, unique solutions, and forward-looking visions. Please note that the company names serve as clickable links to their respective websites.


Dizzion is a Denver-based company that delivers on the promise of the cloud. Founders Manny Ladis, Robert Green, and Steve Prather wanted to make remote work as accessible and secure as office work, so they built this managed desktop service to do just that. You can learn more about Dizzion on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @dizzion on Twitter., a brainchild of founder William Mushkin, is committed to developing your web presence within minutes. Whether you are looking for a domain name, website builder, or SEO services, this company covers it all. Stay connected with on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @namedotcom on Twitter.


Following a vision to build and maintain high-performance cloud networks optimized for business-critical applications, Chris Page and Joel Daly founded HOSTING. Along with a dedicated team of experts, HOSTING lays claim to six US-based data centers, managed by more than 200 certified cloud professionals. You can stay up to date with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @hostingdotcom Twitter pages.


Founded by Brad Anderson, Fruition is an internet marketing firm offering a range of services to businesses and governments worldwide, including SEO, website development, and web hosting. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @fruitionsearch on Twitter to learn more.


Specializing in professional, unique, and effective web design solutions for attorneys and law firms, LWD (Legal Web Design) operates services ranging from SEO to social media management. Stay tuned with LWD on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remote Learner

Remote Learner is centering its focus on delivering fully integrated e-learning solutions. They partner with industry-leading providers to serve businesses, academic institutions, government, associations, and non-profit organizations. Stay connected via Facebook, LinkedIn, and @remotelearner on Twitter.

OurOldGroup aims to offer landline telephone users cost-saving and innovative functionality. It was formed by W. Jeff Swenson to let customers keep their long-term phone numbers. Connect with them on Facebook and @ouroldnumber on Twitter.

North Star Inc

North Star Providers provide Network IT consulting and efficient networking solutions. Besides this, they offer VoIP Business Phone Solutions and latest Microsoft Small Business Solutions. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @denvervoip on Twitter.

51 Blocks

51 Blocks has made a mark in the domains of advertising, SEO, web development, and web hosting. Founded by Michael Borgelt, the company’s mission is to help businesses create and manage effective online presences. Connect with 51 Blocks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @51Blocks on Twitter.


Operating in the sectors of email, internet, and web hosting, E.Central is another Denver-based company making a significant impact on the web hosting industry. Further information can be found on their website.

World Wide Web Hosting

World Wide Web Hosting aims to simplify the process of building and managing websites. They are a 100% remote company with staff located around the world, providing their services from 19 data center locations. You can find more about them on LinkedIn.

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