Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Emulation from Cochin’s IT Hub

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Emulation from Cochin’s IT Hub

In the space of Information Technology, it is always exciting to find burgeoning companies making waves in their various industries. Specific to this article, our lens is focused on Cochin, Kerala, India, a city home to several IT companies making remarkable strides within their respective fields. This piece takes an in-depth look at several of these companies, offering insight into their background, services, and industry impact. Each of these companies showcases the vast potential and growth in the IT sector in Kerala.


PrognoAdvisor is a company located in Cochin, Kerala. Founded by Sanjeev Kumar and Sudhir Venugopal, this firm operates within the Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Personal Finance, SaaS, Software, Wealth Management industries. Standout features of PrognoAdvisor include its disruptive financial planning platform and algorithm-driven financial advisory process, delivered online. It also offers platforms for financial services companies on a SaaS basis. Connect with them on @PrognoAdvisor, Facebook, or Linkedin.

Prophaze Technologies

A brainchild of Vaisakh T R, Prophaze Technologies is a standout entity in the realm of Information Technology, Software, and Web Apps. This Cochin-based firm offers protection for organizations against malicious hackers through its Kubernetes WAF. The product uses Adaptive Profiling and Behavioural-based machine learning algorithms and is built natively on the Kubernetes Platform. Stay connected with Prophaze Technologies on @prophaze, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Astro-Vision is a prominent name in the Apps, Information Technology, and Software industries. This company began as a small partnership firm in 1984, founded by P.V. Ravindran. Today, its range of software runs on the latest operating systems and extends to web-based solutions for major portals and mobile phones. You can follow Astro-Vision on @astro_vision, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Poornam Infovision

Operating within the IT Infrastructure, IT Management, Software industry, Poornam Infovision is another noteworthy IT company in Cochin. You can connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Seeroo IT Solutions

Founded by Sabir Mohammed, Seeroo IT Solutions is a Software Development company offering a blend of cost efficiency, operational control, and flexibility in its solutions. The firm operates in several industries, including Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Platforms, among others. Connect with them through their Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


Unique in its offerings, ExTravelMoney.Com is India’s biggest online marketplace for foreign exchange and remittance services. It was founded by George Zachariah, and operates within the Banking, Debit Cards, E-Commerce, FinTech, Information Technology, Marketplace, and Travel industries. Stay updated with the company via @extravelmoney, Facebook, or Linkedin.

NeST Digital

NeST Digital is a solution provider offering a wide range of services, from digital transformation to business and IT consulting, application services, and more. Connect with them on @NeSTdgtl, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Prudent Technologies Private Limited

Founded by C Pradeepkumar, Geejo George, Murthy Bjas, and Sanjay Chacko, Prudent Technologies operates in the Information Technology, Messaging, and Telecommunications industries. Their unique offering is a cloud-based platform which enables Telco/enterprise businesses to add real-time communication channels to their industries with the use of APIs. Stay connected with them via Linkedin.

ElkanIO Research Labs

Founded by AMJAD NAUSHAD, ElkanIO Research Labs operate within the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machine Learning industries. Stay up-to-date with them via @elkaniorl, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Techmago, founded by Rahul Krishna, is an online-based gadget repair start-up offering services through their website and app. Stay connected with them via @techmago and Facebook.

Sinergia Labs

Operating within the Apps, Information Technology, Software industries, Sinergia Labs was founded by Derrick Sebastian and Tom Antony. Stay connected with them via Facebook and Linkedin.

These companies offer a snapshot of the thriving IT landscape in Cochin, Kerala, providing bespoke solutions, innovative platforms, and up-to-the-minute technologies that continue to shape the IT industry. As Cochin continues to pave its way as an IT hub, we can look forward to more innovative solutions from these and other upcoming businesses in the sector.

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