Leapdroid: Decoding Izmir’s Innovation in Gaming Software Development

Positioned in the heart of Izmir, known as the pearl of the Aegean Sea, a number of software enterprises are contributing to the energetic tech industry. This vibrant city in Turkey is not only famous for its splendid view of the Bay of Izmir but also its silicon valley-like environment that makes it an engine of growth for the Turkish tech ecosystem. Here we explore some of the flourishing software companies that are propelling Izmir’s tech industry forward.

In an era where software is omnipresent and not restricted to any particular industry, the enterprises of Izmir have delved into a wide spectrum of services ranging from AI, IoT, advanced materials, solar energy to mobile apps and e-commerce platforms. They represent the tremendous growth and potential of Izmir’s tech industry, mastering the cutting-edge technologies to cater to the variety of needs that arise in this vibrant city.

Which are these innovative companies that are making a mark? Let’s introduce you to some of them.

Ni-CAT Battery Materials and AI Company

Company Overview: Ni-CAT stands at the intersection of advanced materials, AI, manufacturing, and software, and is committed to AI-assisted R&D of next-gen battery materials. They are combining unique AI-assisted materials research with digitalized reactor farms and novel surfactant-assisted synthesis methods to produce battery materials conducive to lowering the cost and increasing performance and energy density. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Assistant App

Company Overview: A helpful platform providing Islamic prayer and adhan times, dhikr count, duas, and qibla direction, Assistant App is more than just a software service. This faith-oriented app bridges technology with spirituality, making it convenient for its users to follow their religious rituals. Check them out on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Company Overview: From devising creative web and mobile applications to offering technological solutions for startups and enterprises, Clipcil has it all. With experienced UI/UX designers and developers, Clipcil stands out for its pixel-perfect designs and flawless development. Find Clipcil on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Company Overview: Litum, a visionary venture, seeks to transform industrial operations with its AI, IoT, and real-time tracking technology with one goal in mind: enhanced safety & efficiency. It has made its mark across the globe, delivering services to Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies. Connect with Litum on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Construction Panda

Company Overview: Bridging the gap between construction and IT, Construction Panda is adding value to the construction industry with its software solutions. You can learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Company Overview: AN software, with echo technology services covering customizable e-commerce packages, advanced ERP integrations, web design, and hosting services, caters to the needs of online businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Engage with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Company Overview: Solarify can be the next big game-changer in the renewable energy sector with its AI (neural networks) powered solar power plant performance analysis software services. Follow Solarify on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Company Overview: Socitive is an online platform that enables users to formulate their social agendas. Launched in 2010, it is based out of Izmir. Check out their website and Twitter for more information.

Manggis Information Systems

Company Overview: From multiplatform mobile application solutions to software security consulting, Manggis has a vast array of services that cater to the robust tech market. Manggis’ software services touch multiple facets of the industry, making it a multi functional entity. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

KABİ Partners

Company Overview: KABİ Partners is an ally in the journey of life, especially for those getting married. This company aids people in meeting their needs pre and post weddings through the use of technology, thus making couples’ lives much easier. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Company Overview: By streamlining team communication through cloud-based applications, Camiila helps organizations of all sizes to get more organized. Work from anywhere, invite your collaborators, access shared knowledge, and much more is possible with Camiila. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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