Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Innovations from Bucharest’s Tech Landscape

In the heart of Eastern Europe, the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, has nurtured an emergent and diverse tech industry focusing in the domain of mobile applications. Innovators and entrepreneurs are breaking new grounds with a range of apps serving industries such as gaming, e-commerce, travel, health care, and much more. Let’s explore some of these rising stars headquartered in Bucharest that are making a global impact.


Questo, the brainchild of Alexandru Govoreanu, has brought a new face to city exploration. Imagine experiencing a city as part of a game, inspired by movies, books, historical facts, or local legends. This award-winning platform presents travellers and locals with city exploration games that take you on a unique journey in over 100 cities worldwide. Follow Questo on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ialoc is a mobile application developed by Cosmin Magureanu, Dragos Badea, and Emil Muthu that promises to enhance your dining experience. It allows users to make online reservations in restaurants and provides filters for restaurant type, cuisine, reservation time, and location. Follow Ialoc on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ever stumbled upon a travel photo which you wish you could replicate with a trip to the same place? Framey, founded by Alexandru Iulian Florea and Robert Preoteasa, allows travellers to create fully personalised itineraries starting with just one such photo. Join the Framey community on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Alihan Büker and Cagri Kirbiyik founded Krembi, a beauty app that prioritizes convenience. This platform allows users to find beauticians, stylists, or makeup artists for call-out services and appointments. Connect with Krembi on LinkedIn.


Created by Alexandre Vellieux, JustNow is a service provider and smart advertising platform that works towards reducing fresh food waste. Follow JustNow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Peteco, established by Marian Malahin, is a network platform with an ecommerce marketplace module dedicated to pet lovers. It incorporates a full social network interface and a marketplace system for e-commerce shops.

I’m Fine

The brainchild of Daniel Barbu, I’m Fine is a health care mobile application focusing on personal health. Connect with I’m Fine on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Laurentiu-Victor Balasa, Basmo is a mobile app that assists readers in tracking their reading time, journaling their emotions, and saving intriguing book ideas. Connect with Basmo on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by the Guillemot brothers, Playwing is a company working in the field of Information Technology and Online Games. Follow Playwing on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Wave Studio

Wave Studio is the brainchild of Tiberiu Avramiuc and Vlad Andries. Established in 2014, it is one of fastest-growing mobile start-ups in the Central Eastern Europe. Their apps have been downloaded by more than 150 million users worldwide. Connect with Wave Studio on LinkedIn.

Da Phone

Da Phone brings cost-effective international calling enabling travellers to make international calls at the lowest possible rates, while enjoying free incoming calls in over 50 countries.

These are just a few examples of the innovative tech companies making their mark in Bucharest. With their dynamic ideas and creative problem-solving, these companies are reshaping industries and re-defining what’s possible in the world of mobile applications.

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